What kind of music do you guys be listening to,or so bumping.
What all genres, or so favorite artist do you listen to?
What recently has you hooked,song or artist wise.
Breezy has been one of my favorite artists since I was in 4th grade.

Drizzy did it again. Never disappoints.

Words can't describe how hard Hopsin snapped on this.

Tory Lanez is one of the most versatile artists I've come across recently. And unlike Adele's fat ass, he doesn't mind people having their phones on at his concerts. Putting 2 videos to show how different he can sound from one song to the next.

Wiz Khalifa is cool.

So is MGK.

And Jay Park.


PVRIS. Lyndsey is extremely bae, but she doesn't take D. But Milo said lesbianism is just something girls do between bad relationships so maybe there's still hope.

Stephen is in a category by himself. Ridiculous talent.

The God Eater OST CD dropped this year. This one of my all-time favorite songs from an anime.

That's it so far for 2016. Everything else from my play list is from previous years.

[edit] Vic Mensa dropped this yesterday. Forgot about that. Skip to 1:11.

Hell yea, that's all pretty chill.
Love hopsin and some old bring me the horizon myself. As well as Jay park ,like several songs from him.


been listening to a lot of these guys lately, love their horrorcore sound with other hip hop influences. Digging it.


White jesus, he's pretty sick, been listening to a lot of him. Just released his album Top of the Line, and I liked majority of the tracks off it. Signed to Strange Music ^S^

Tech N9ne

Tech never disappointing me, has become one of my favorite artist more and more over the past year and so, with what he's been releasing and his numerous amount of albums to listen

Infant Annihilator

Pretty sick and brutal band, last album was released in 2012, love the concept the lyrics spoked and found the overall technical death core sound pleasing. New vocalist Dickie Allen, just released this single as of yesterday.

Enterprise Earth

Vocalist Dan Watson, brutal ass lows and highs, definitely one of my favorite death core vocalist, was in Infant Annihilator. Signed to artery recordings under his new band, been blasting this album here and there. loved it

Keith Ape

Been listening to a lot of keith Ape,rising that trap scene in korea I believe, as well as been expanding more into korean rap and hip hop. Think they got this beat on lock


Dumbfoundead just dropped single "safe" like two weeks ago, found the video and concept interesting. Like his style ,is chill and dope.


DEAN ,love this guy's sound a lot, definitely gonna be following for music this guy produces, he's written lyrics for several big k-pop groups I believe. Just released his ep and love every bit of it lots.


Always a refreshing and nice sound, like the production and sound the band is going in. Vocalist is amazing, old band Squid the Whale is great as well.

That's Some of my musical interest, I really love music the general and various artist.

Hope some of you others share

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Popisfizzy wrote:

you need to update your profile picture, you're no longer a saucy lesbian remember
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But it's still how I look in my head. When I look in the mirror and see myself with short hair, I simply look wrong.
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Popisfizzy wrote:
But it's still how I look in my head. When I look in the mirror and see myself with short hair, I simply look wrong.

You look like what Edward Snowden would've looked like if he was a beta male.

His peach fuzz and the fact that he ain't scared of no government boosts him to alpha status.
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Aside from the different hair color, hair style, and face shape, I agree we look very similar.

Also, shitty pic tbh.
Ces Cru - I fucking love these guys. Everything they make is great.

Death Grips - An acquired taste for sure, but they're awesome imo.

Emarosa - One of my favorite bands. It's cool to see so many people listening to them.

Boards of Canada - Awesome music to chill with. Very talented.

Dance Gavin Dance - My favorite band. Period.

The Chemical Brothers - Superb progressive electronic music. Strongly recommend them.

I could go on and on and on with this list, lol.
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Oh dude you love Emarosa? Me too! Love them both with Jonny and Bradley,great period. Crazy to know how big they've gotten or someone else here on byond is listening to them as well.
As for Dance Gavin Dance, I love what Tillian Pearson is putting out on the table now, great band overalll and unique imo. Oh dude you love Emarosa? Me too! Love them both with Jonny and Bradley,great period.
As for Dance Gavin Dance, I love what Tillian Pearson is putting out on the table now, great band overalll and unique imo.
Yeah, Tillian is a perfect fit with DGD. Hopefully this vocalist will stick around for a change, haha. (; Jon Mess' screams have done nothing but improve over the years and their Tree City Sessions EP is better than expected.

But yeah, Emarosa is great too. (:
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Yes I think Tillian is a perfect fit for the band as well. I love the direction they're heading in.

As for Emarosa,looking foward to the release of their new album and yes!

Looking foward to hear any other's musical interest
I'll drop some more here when i get back from dinner. (:
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Emarosaaaa <3

I mainly listen to a lot of pop-punk and indie rock

Brand New

The Academy Is.. - my favorite band, too bad they broke up :(

Cute is what we aim for

Streetlight Manifesto: I also love anything ska, ska is just fantastic

Logic: also a fan of some rap
been on a big electro swing kick recently: (1920s meets modern dance)

(Jump to 0:49 for the groove)

(0:42 groove)

Also been on a big Retrowave kick: (Retrowave is sort of like Daft Punk, but more Miami Vice, less Disco)

(2:19 hook)

Shit's all pretty hawt for working on games. Good beat to keep you moving.

France has been on god damn point with underground music since the 2000s.
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Yes Emarosa :D ,wow another fan haha. That's great. I'm familiar with all below and love myself some indie and pop punk too.

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic monkeys, love these guys, sound is very just jazzy and pleasing to me. Catchy and good. All their content is pretty good overall to me and recently found myself to be into some of their garrage punk sound as well.


Who hasn't heard this? 1901 is pretty catchy and I've found myself to always enjoy hearing this song along with many others from Phoenix.

Also forgot to mention other stuff that's got me really hooked lately


Been following Beartooth and vocalist Caleb Shomo since it started out and previous acts with Attack Attack,his vocals and style of screaming or so yells really get to me and it's pretty hype. The thrash and instruments always get me along with the chorus always be catchy. They just released an album after about two years for most part ,titled "Aggressive" and have to say I've enjoyed it greatly just as the first album and ep.

Riff Raff

Riff, A.K.A the versace panther always gets me with his flow and style. I've been waiting for him to drop his Peach Panther album and singles are finally coming, found this pretty good.

Jarren Benton

Been hooked on this Skitzo song by Jarren lately, and the rest of his content seems pretty lyrical and clever as well. I like the type of dark sound this goes in a way
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It's like Cab Galloway and Crystal Method had a baby. I like it :)
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Awesome you found to like something you might have not known of. It's what I intended to also get out of this post, the finding of new artist from each and so fourth just the curiosity of knowing who's all listening to what.

I anticipate more musical interest sharing
I listened to an old copy of the soundtrack to the movie Legend today. Big fan of Tangerine Dream. Sort of the grandfather's of all things electronica.

Blackmore's Night is sort of a folk rock / medieval mix. Founded by the lead guitarist from Deep Purple and his wife. Give it a minute.

Not a whole lot of rap on my playlist, but I do like some Danger...

Some way old ZZ Top, before they got all fancy. :P
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