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Caravan Palace

My boy.

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This is pretty neat, I'm really digging this "Caravan Palace". Definitely gonna look more into their content.
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I fucking love electro swing! Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace being two favorites of mine! How neat is that! This thread is great. (,:
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Right?? More people should definitely share or so join along in haha
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real music

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Maybe weeeee...

Can beeeeeee...

Be each others companyyyyy.

Oh companyyyyy.


new Single been waiting for,pretty catchy imo.


latest single from hopsin was pretty sick ,I enjoyed it

Make Them Suffer

not bad,new video. like the keyboard in back


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Lack of taylor swift is disturbing.
Taylor's best song.

People tried to change me since my youth,
But I refuse.

I picture Boris Johnson playing this whilst jumping on a bouncy castle and ramming really hard into Syrian refugees.

Riff Raff

Jodyhighroller just dropped that Peach Panther today boi you already know it be lit asf

TAD, one of the bands from the Seattle area during the grunge explosion that was more influenced by the metal scene than the punk scene. I wouldn't be surprised if they were fans of noise rock too, though.
Son Lux


Glass Animals

MC Chris

A Lot Like Birds (love)

The Speed of Sound in Seawater
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yeah well Ariana is better PROVE ME WRONG

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Better what? Better at looking like a 13 year old jail bait? Ohh better singing okey.

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