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Yut Put wrote:
empirezteam takin addy and writin essays like damn boi

i like weird thought provoking hypothetical stuff like that speech

its the reason why i like watching liv boeree's strim because she bad af enjoys talking about weird thought provoking hypothetical stuff too. other grill strimmers just want to tell you about the time they got drunk and fell down a staircase while they get utterly destroyed in whatever game it is they're playing with the only redeeming factor being their tank top and pushed up boobs.

here's a hypothetical she shared

edit: fixed link
Have you guys ever heard a joke that wasn't funny at all and you still laughed anyway, not because it was a good joke, but because of how horribly unfunny it was?

That's Yung Lean in a nutshell. I was scrolling through YouTube one day and found this video.

And my first reaction was

But as I kept listening to it, I had an epiphany: this wasn't just your ordinary terrible rap song. This song wasn't just bad - it was an UNBELIEVABLY BAD experience, even down to the video and how awkward the rappers themselves looked. It was such a cringe-worthy atrocity of epic proportions that it was, in fact, a masterpiece - similar to how certain jokes can be so boring to the point that they make you laugh uncontrollably anyway.

What I'm saying is, there's something to be admired here. This isn't an example of a lack of talent. This is negative talent. This is less than zero. This is so appalling, it belongs in its own category of garbage by itself and when you replay the song, you begin to embrace how pitiful it all is. Perhaps another way of wording it is, Yung Lean has mastered the art of not being good at making music, and that's what makes him good. I couldn't make music this bad even if I tried and that's what I find impressive.

Trust me. Take the Yung Lean challenge. Just listen to all 4 songs multiple times and allow your mind to absorb them in their entirety and come back and tell me you didn't begin to enjoy at least ONE of them ( if not all of them ).

Empirez, I couldn't even make it through the first track. Straight garbage.

Pretty sure somebody mentioned Jarren Benton back on page 1, but I skipped from page 3 to 6 so sorry if some of this shit was already posted.

Silence from the Slow Motion EP

My son's favorite song, Tear in My Heart by twenty one pilots

If I Should by JayteKz - I honestly have no idea how well known this guy is, somebody posted this song on Facebook and I fell in love with it

Smile by Eyedea & Abilities - one of hip hop's greatest talents. RIP.

100 Bars of Death by Ya Boy

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Lmfao xd
How come no one ever mentions my boi Jay Rock in rap discussions?

My bois Slaughterhouse?

Sean Don?

I don't even see yall mentioning the greatest of the greatest.

EmpirezTeam wrote:
I don't even see yall mentioning the greatest of the greatest.

Anything after the Eminem Show #garbage

Big ups for Slaughterhouse tho Joell Ortiz got bars
Ahh, Eminem has always been enjoying all around for me. Recovery was the least of them I liked,but I did love, "Cold wind blows".
Anyways @ Unwanted4Murder I really honestly don't see how anything after the Eminem Show was garbage, he's still just as lyrical,things just carried off in a different sound I think. But eh, isn't music really just a subjective matter for most part.

Anyways just gonna share some of what's been popping here and there.


Pouya's flow is always catchy and enjoying to listen to,"underground underdog" was pretty good to me.

Hail The Sun

Really enjoyed the sound of this band and the vocals delivered, give me a circa survive vibe but I think I like this a bit much more.

Swimming with Dolphins

I have always found this ep great and peaceful to listen to whatever the time be, and just lately for me it has been on replay.

Higher Brothers

I don't know if I ever posted it, but I remember first seeing it and just thinking rip haha, pretty dope and interesting. Chinese Migos. I listen to their mixtape and found it not to bad.

System Of A Down

Always good to listen to from time to time or at least once a day.

Anyways I'm always on the look for new musical acts in production or artist general to look foward too, I always burn out on music here and there, bouncing around from artist to artist.

Speaking of music, get a load of this years most paid musician:

You go gurl!
Outside of Vaporwave, I like to drink an extreme excess (for my height and weight: tall fatass), I listen to The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, Ben Folds (and his bands), and whatever I hear on the Music Choice channels that make me cry (Somebody Else by The 1975). Regina Spektor can get in there.

Sometimes Marilyn Manson.

Oddly for my Jewish family, sometimes I just listen to Hitler speeches and Third Reich anthems.

Oh who the hell am I kidding. I never talk to my family members, I have no friends, I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm forever alone. What's the point anymore? Why bother?

This song understands me.

and to think that that song was released while i was still in middleschool.
There was a commercial yesterday that was playing a song with the lyrics "I wanna dance with somebody". I didn't recognize the song but it was pretty catchy so I decided to Google those lyrics to see who the singer was. After doing some research, I found out that it was a song by some lady named Whitney Houston.

Apparently she was like, famous or something during the 80s and 90s? This song for example is pretty nifty. It's one of those songs that just makes you wanna dance with somebody. I guess that's why the name of the song is "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". The title of this record was spot-on.

Upon further investigation, I found she was also kinda arrogant too. For example, here's a song where she's claiming to be "every woman" simultaneously. That's pretty cocky if you ask me. I mean, it's one thing to have confidence in yourself, that's fine and dandy, have no problem with it. But when you start saying that you're every woman in the entire world combined, that's kind of going overboard IMO. That's where I draw the line. That's where it needs to stop.

To be fair though, she seemed to be a very loving person. In this song, she promised to always love you. After listening to this song, no one can say they were never loved because that's simply not true. Whitney loves you, and she always will.

I also found that a lot of people were praising her for her national anthem skills.

I mean, it's not bad, but I've seen better honestly. R. Kelly for instance absolutely nailed it.

The way he put his own R&B spin on it was spectacular. Definitely didn't see that coming. Also, take note of the couple dancing behind R. Kelly as he sings. There was no one dancing during Whitney's performance - probably because it wasn't as good. You people need to give credit where credit is due and show my boi R. Kelly some respeck.

based frank
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Super Saiyan X wrote:

based frank

Is it still a parody if regular rap sounds that way too?

This guy actually expects to be taken seriously lol. One of the funniest comments I read went something like "he sounds like a Disney cartoon character".

This album is OMG so sexy. It's like Depeche Mode, but doesn't suck.
Papa frankuu
there wasn't enough ovo in this thread so i figured i'd solve dat prollem

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