Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

This update was made in two smaller parts, as most of you know so, if you already seen one of these features in one of the brazilian servers, dont fret; These servers worked as a pre-test for most features; But lets talk about them!

*Almighty changed into Zeus; Its just a visual change, to help new players to understand the battle of gods in a better way, almighty was "unfitting" to Azusa now, and needed that rename. The story of Azusa didn't change, this isn't simply a Greek mythology game. Azusa have its own story, the gods have their own story, so research them to know more o/

*New Relics and Clothing; Not going to list them, find ingame please (This is to motivate me to write an actual relic guide)

*Smoother Movement system, and Slows; As most of you knew, the previous movement system was impossible to deal with slows, so I remade it; At start you may feel very slow compared to the previous versions, but as you progride you can become super fast! Not to mention the new slow down effect given by some armors;

*New Armors and reviewed old ones; Say Hi to Spider! Its skill is another area control; you can place a huge web around you, anyone inside the web will get a slow, while you will walk faster on your webs. But thats not everything, while the enemy walks in the web it might get wrapped by it, getting a stun (Endurance/Strength based); The 2 Private armors are also public now! Rhinoceros and Snake; Rhinoceros uses a rampage skill, dealing massive damage based on strength; while Snake throws a snake that wraps and hurt the foes; based on attack and speed;
The reviewed armors are Mantis, Swordfish and Penguin; Basically made their skills an actual thing, Mantis increases your speed based on your strength, Swordfish increases your attack based on your speed, and Penguin's freeze was reviewed and will slow your foe based on your force.

*Review at World State and Tournaments; I am removing the year speed increasing during Chaos and Azusa; so the admin team can decide to actually do game-play during those periods and manually time skip into the most fitting eras;
Tournaments changes are finally in, first we changed the time between tournaments to 3-3 hours; and since we have 30 tournaments so far; 90 hours for a loop. This change makes the armors more important and also makes the civil life something relevant (we missed that great game-play area of Azusa), also this avoid every players getting the very same armors by simply waiting the next day to try it again; We hope to get even more and more armors so the tournament loop least an entire wipe (so we wont see 2 people with the same armors, ever!).
Tournaments can now be toggled by the admins, (please don't keep tournaments off! thats not the idea!) so the admins can control the early game better, and even ICly schedule tournaments at early game, and again, boost the civil game-play a little.

*Rewards review; The world-caps system worked as bad as in PWO (my other game) so I had to review it. Now good role-players can be promoted to Role-play or Event masters, this way they help the wipe to progride and rewards to be delivered to the right players; and the rewards now actually increases you players Personal-Cap. So if the world cap is at 200, and you got some rewards and your personal cap is also 200, means you can reach a total status of 400; Simple like that, so training AND roleplaying are crucial for the development of a strong character.
The other change is: Catch-Up; this is the second reward system, given to great role-players that are starting the game late on the wipe, this reward boosts your status to the world-cap, so you catch up to the "trainwhores". Of course catch up reward wont be given out of nowhere, said player must go into some intense rp situation and training to get such strengthening explained;

*Hotbar review; Ok, this is a second roll at fix at those hotbar, hopefully now they won't bug anymore.

*NPC drops; Every relic drop-rate decreased a lot now, so getting a relic is -really- a rare thing. Good luck to relic grinders.

*PVP Server Golden Tournaments; Well, to keep the PVP servers fun to play, we added an extra tournament to the end of the tourney loop; this tournament will pick a random golden armor so strong guardians can fight for it; Good luck!

*Cancer and Immorality Skills!; Finally for that one? Yeah, but before we go on, I'd like to say that cancer will have a second skill later, that will work only when the new underworld is made (at probably the next updates). Cancer now have a Soul Fire skill, a blue fire that causes massive amount of damage; so train it well and see the magic begin!
Immorality have a Immoral Fire skill, its a smaller version of Soul Fire, but still way better then the ordinary blasts; ah this is a purple fire skill...

*Combat Skills; Okay, the last and yet my favorite change so far;
Now the combats and status buildings you do in Azusa will deal way more then simple changes at your (Hold Z to fight) style.
So depending on your build and current status you will be able to learn different combat skills; Basically the same way Cosmo Fist works, but now every status will have their own style, going to explain all of them below:

*Cosmo fist: The force skill, focus your cosmo into your hands and ignite it in a blue fire: When you punch with the burning hands you will deal Force damage on foes resistance instead of strength on endurance. The natural damage on cosmo fist is a bit higher then in normal punches.
Downside: Its hard to control until you master it, and training this skill might be your character's main struggle, however its worth mastering since the stamina drain decreases alot and the natural damage increases as you ignite both hands!

*Flash Dash: The speed skill, this one is very useful to combat area control, also great to avoid blasts and stronger attacks. Flash dash will basically jump you two tiles and turn you to the opposite direction; this is great to combo and while doing close-combat against a foe you can simply avoid their punches and counter attack at their back.
Downside: Using flash dash properly is very hard, you must always know the perfect timing to use it, and keep in mind that to jump you must stop moving! The cooldown is based on your speed, so in late game you can do wonders with this style!

*Shockwave: The strenght skill, this is a powerful punch on the ground creating a shockwave, this will damage everyone around you. Are you tired of people moving around you? Well using this skill on the right time will do wonders! If moving around isn't your style, you should pick this one!
Downside: This is very stamina consuming, so use wisely. Late game you can do wonders with this as your stamina will probably be high enough to do as many shockwaves as you need.

*Giantism: The endurance skill, using giantism will increase your body size and muscles to a giant form and increase your strength based on your endurance! The most famous downside on getting a defensive build was on how to actually deal damages, so this fixes that!
Downside: Being too large it gets almost impossible to dodge, however hopefully you have enough endurance to block your foes...



*New Relics and Clothing;
*Smoother movement system, and slow;
*New Armors and reviwed old ones;
*Review World States and Tournament Changes;
*Rewards review;
*Hotbar fixes;
*PVP Elite Tournaments;
*Immoral and Cancer skills;
*Skill Combats;
*Roll of bugfixes;

Important announcement:

Working at Azusa almost alone (with some friendly occasional helps by players thx <3) I am late in alot of stuffs at Azusa's development, and as most of you know, the original turf icons should already be finished and they aren't T.T
So the next month/months I will completely focus in remaking everything; this means I won't add new systems anytime soon, only contents.
(Time to focus!) But, since I will be too busy and focused on the graphics, I will start a crowd-funding system to add new armors.
So until Azusa only have original graphics I will only add crowdfunded armors, I hope you guys understand, since subscriptions aren't feeding me and I have alot of work to do...
I will add new armors previews at the crowdfunding page monthly, and the pledged ones will be made within 4 days. Everyone who helped to pay for that armor will be able to "get it" even out of tournaments, for a month. the other "rewards" for helping are listed on the page. The minimal donation is 3$, and the armor will be ready when it reaches 50$; So if you pledge that armor alone, it will be only yours for 1 month (Like the previous custom armor worked, but half the price).
Hope you guys understand the need of that, love you all, and lets turn Azusa into a great game!!crowdfunding/c24vq

PS:Iconers that helps to finish/make the pledged armor, will get part of the money too. Msg me to know more..

~Nevergivingup, with love Inu~
PS: English roleplay server will come back today/tomorrow in a fresh wipe, with a totally different start! Keep your eyes at your pager updates <3
Inu I might cri :P you have no idea how bored I've been XD...well I wasn't bored that much since I had a toy- I mean friend to play with ;3 but I did miss Azusa
omae wa mou shindeiru
this game looks epic not sure why i havent played it but i will