New Era: Fukkatsu

by Czoaf
New Era: Fukkatsu
Be remembered as a good sailor or be the most terrifying pirate
Host files(07/18/2018):
New era is an anime inspired adventure game.
Taitz and Mysterio- Original Programmers

(actually I'm making a new pirate game, because of this there's no updates)

Poseidon, God of the Sea condemned his 3 tutelary gods for treason, striping them of their title and power. However, fearing this may happen, the 3 had already divided and placed their power into dark and mysterious fruit that humans call as "Sea fruit", scattering them across the Seas.

Sign up for the Marines, to help hinder the pirate menace gaining fame for taking down such powerful adversaries that threaten world stability or become a pirate and make what ever you want!

3 Races to choose:
-Humans: Lords of the Land and weakest of the races, humans always seem to adapt and survive by working together. Can eat Sea Fruits to gain great powers.
-Fishmen: Lords of the sea.Increase swimming, and the ability to breath under water.
-Giants: Being naturally more powerful due to their towering size.
Soooo laggy, and the host keeps going down or kicking me causing me to lose stats and items :'( the old host was laggy but at least we never lost stuff and never went down randomely. Otherwise this game would be the best on byond :D
Its not laggy, try and check your internet and see if its good. Second it doesnt go down ramdomly its called an automatic rebootit happens every 3 hours and one of the reasons it happens is so the server wont become laggy. And if your losing stats and items which i doubt can happen Czoaf can help you with that.
So auto-reboot causes the game to go down for hours? Oh okay.
What!!?? if you read carfeully i said it a auto reboot happens every 3 hours they said, and second byond was acting up thats why its was down
In response to MouseyGirl
Oh you was talking about last night then game got down.It was because a energy problem on host house ,but now every thing is ok.
When is the game coming back up? and can you swim after eating a df?
In response to Tezuna
The game is on-line right now. You can swim but It will be hard to breathe on water due the dark and mysterious fruit making you spend insane energy for swim.
the game is offline again :/
Oh don't worry, auto reboot puts the game off for hours and days at a time...fuckin' dumbasses. lol.
what comments
When is there going to be the last huge updte with a huge wipe?

In response to Chris973
We already updated
How about a wipe did u wipe too?
In response to Chris973
Wiped yesterday
Any plans to host this again soon?

It's online everyone! Joinnnnnnnnn!