My Life as a Spy

by Skysaw
My Life as a Spy
Five teams of spies compete to secure documents, using nifty spy gadgets to foil their enemies.
Changes for version 'Luna 1.0 (N2.0)'

        - The game now runs at 30 FPS, that's three times quicker than before. Many things have been added to smooth out movement.
        - New keyboard handling system, allows for direction combinations (using left+up = up-left etc)
        - Vastly improved dynamic lighting system added, adds a whole new depth to the game.
        - Readded flashlights and batteries. Normal batteries will crumble when depleted, rechargables will not, but will lose capacity with      each recharge. Charging stations can be found around the map, be careful, sneaky spies might steal your batteries!
        - Clock added, approximately 60 seconds to an in-game hour, the daylight level will change based on the time.
        - The sewers are always dark, except the areas around manhole covers.
        - Various light sources added around the game, the city and mall are obviously well-lit while the country and suburbs are less so.
          Many of these light sources can be interacted with in various ways, such as being shot out, and hidden behind.
        - Witnesses will lose visual range as darkness falls, occasionally using flashlights to expand it at night.
        - Originally created a new JSON-based settings system for host settings, but pushed the change back to the Apollo series because it could benefit as well.
        - Occasionally the moon will rise giving a serine blue hue to the night, certain NPCs only come out during these special nights.
        - Moved many interface elements to new HUD-based systems, as the Luna cycle progresses more things will be shifted over to HUDs and on-map menus/windows.
        - Hosts now have the option to disable the in-game language censor within settings.txt.

        - Dramatically decreased world startup time, it was still delayed waiting host validation while the validation system has been defuct.

        - Lots of little tweaks here and there, too much to keep track of over time.

        - Reorganized the source code a lot, it was kind of a wreck in places, decreased the size of both the dmb file and the rsc file.
        -- this means spitting up the original '' file, where Skysaw seems to have put 90% of the early game's code
        -- and moving all code into subfolders and turning off FILE_DIR to improve compile times.
        -- includes many #define toggles for disabling and enabling various behavior.

        - Improve the cell scanner code, discovered a recursive proc call here that can definitely be improved upon.
        - Redo medal handling code to not contact the hub so much, fail more gracefully.
        - Utilize hub score boards to track various stats such as: kills, deaths, documents delivered, training points spent
        - Add some snazzy visual effects to things like Purple and White skills (afterimage for merge? yus plz)
        - Now that we're at 30FPS and employing a movement delay, add a stim to buff movement speed for a short duration.
        - Attach lighting effects to stuff like firing a gun or detonating an explosive.
Keep up the good work bro 👍