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I've made a change for the next release so that Xbox 360 controllers can use L2+R2 in the axisbuttons section instead of just R2, and this makes L2 use the negative axis and R2 the positive.

THIS! YES! Lummox, I literally was redesigning my game so that I wouldn't need l2/r2 because of this issue haha.

Edit: When are you dropping that tweak to the 360 controller?
That was already included as of several versions ago.

Mind you that with DirectInput, MS still makes it impossible to detect L2 and R2 being held at the same time; they cancel each other out.
xbox 360 controller R2 doesn't work by default
after playing for a few minutes and being unable to use my steam controller with Xbox input, and being unable to use the DS4 with all the correct xbox settings within the config window, he pointed me to here.

any chance steam controller support can be fixed so i can use my controller in the game ;P ? would be really nice!
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Does your controller support DirectInput? BYOND's gamepad support is currently based on DirectInput, not on XInput.
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as far as i know, the steam controller API is its own thing.

it can emulate Xbox input (X-Input) and keyboard/mouse input, but the API itself is controlled by steam and does not do Xinput or Dinput itself, its a new API for the steam controller and (at the moment) dualshock 4 controller.

but, besides that, i do not believe the SC API is set up to do dinput functions. not sure how many games support dinput anymore, but i assume if enough devs were to bother valve they would add dinput support.
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Well that explains a lot. The development process is undergoing some changes here in the next few weeks anyway that may make XInput a lot more viable than it was before, so a future BYOND version may moot this issue.
Wireless Controller
buttons = Face3,Face1,Face2,Face4,L1,R1,L2,R2,Select,Start,L3,R3,Up,Down,Left,Right
axes = 0,1,2,5
SDL2 has some common controller mappings that might be worth looking into.
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