Hello everyone,

I have been roaming the website for a few days and following as many tutorials as I can to understand how to make games in BYOND. So far, I have followed about 50% of the BYOND Guide, Falacy's tutorials and ZBT's Action RPG tutorial with a few others here and there.

My problem is, with all of this, I am confused and lost. I can't just sit and try to make a game. Every time I try, I end up stumped and not knowing what to do or how to go about implementing something. Sure, I understand the basics and what are procs, verbs, vars, etc... and even can code a few alone. Thing is, however, I don't know how to make things that are cohesive -- that work well.

I have come from Unity (using C# for programming), RPG Maker and Construct (used all 3) so I am used to programming and using complicated systems. That said, all of them have some kind of guides and tutorials that take you over creating a complete game. It doesn't have to be Call of Duty but something simple from A to Z. A good example of this is: 2d-roguelike-tutorial

That tutorial shows you everything you need to know to create a 2D game and goes over everything in Unity's engine.

What I am asking, is there a similar tutorial or guide in BYOND with multiplayer features too? Something along the line of "Monkey see, monkey do" to hold my hand through a complete cohesive game?

Thank you very much in advance.
Your First World is probably the closest thing you're going to find at the moment, although it's quite outdated. Is probably a better bet than Dantom.YFW.

However Step BYOND needed a few tweaks to get in line with recent BYOND updates, so I uploaded a fixed version at
BYOND is server authoritative, and does all networking for you. None of the code you write in DM will be related to networking, specifically. For example, the "one-line chat room":
client/verb/say(T as text) world << "[src]: [T]"

Everyone connected to the world will get that message simply because they exist in the world. Instead of world, you can use a specific mob or client, and only that person will see the message. There are no "multiplayer features" because everything is automatically multiplayer.

Is there anything in particular you want to make or learn?
Thank you guys for the replies.

@ Nadrew, I'll check out that game you mentioned and will try to follow it. I did try to follow the Your First World tutorial but it seemed a bit vague in some points.

@Kaiochao, I see... I didn't know that to be honest. I thought I'll have to deal with some networking stuff.
What I am trying to make is a graphical MUD. Instead of all text, you can see a map that you can traverse (think of top down RPGs but instead of characters and tiles, art is all squares).

You can access a character sheet, you can attack mobs in turn based combat, use special abilities, have an inventory, etc...

Imagine A Dark Room (with some systems being simplified as well as many differences) for example but in multiplayer.