The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age
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is it likely to get exp from monsters to level instead of log training? Log training is so afk friendly and boring that it's unreal.
Yeah I agree with You. Logs make the game boring
It should be kinda like this:

A forest and the further you go in the stronger the ncps.
and these can be the ncps( in order of str): snakes, stronger snakes, wild boars, bears, tigers and a Strong Gorilla.

Also a cave with Bats and wolfs.

- Finally human ncp's

On some islands there should be ncp marines and pirates that we can attack. And they should sometime drop money after kill (not alot something like 1k berri maximum), which will be another good way of earning money in the game.

BTW NCP's SHOULD NOT GIVE OPED EXP!! LIKE THE LAST NEW ERA GAME the max exp should be like 2k or 3k
The problem is to do this Anthony would need a dedicated server/host and that costs money. Not to mention the stress that AI puts on the server and its lag. Also, a forest wouldn't work too well due to the vast majority of the OW map being water, and to that end I believe there should be some Marine-life mob NPCs such as sharks, giant sea serpents, giant octopuses, maybe even a ship-ship battle system further down the road? This way players will have stuff to do when they go out exploring and whatnot and they can gain experience and levels at the same time.
ships should also be able to take dmg from sea monsters and as ive said before i wouldnt mind hosting
I wanna fight Pasifistas!!! :3