so im using Ubuntu x64 bit but the -logself & command wont keep my server up when i run i exit the terminal please help!
-logself has nothing to do with keeping the server up, & does. If it's not keeping it up your server might not properly support user-initiated background processes.

You can try excluding the "&" at the end, hitting ctrl+z when the process starts then typing 'bg' to force it into the background. 'logout' immediately after running 'bg'
still shuts server down after i exit the putty terminal?
If it's still going down it indicates something is preventing the server from running background processes, are you using a personal server or something you get access to from someone else?
Also, try using 'nohup'

nohup DreamDaemon [args]

This is what & is supposed to do, but some shells can be configured differently.