Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
Yo! Guy here and here's ToJR's Update Log #11 with version 1.0.20 updates!


Story Mode has been expanded after the first boss's part. The story quests should allow you to be able to visit the next town and a new area to venture. At one point, there will be a first deciding factor that will change the players' path in the storyline, hence the game's meaning: "RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World". Originally, the game may features 3 different endings, all depending of decisions taken within the story course. So part by part, the story will expand in the upcoming updates hopefully.

New Side Quests have been added for the new town and the new area, I would suggest to finish the side quests found in Eltia Village, since some will have prerequisite to be able to take them. Two mini-bosses may be found, a party may be required, if you do it in solo, be sure to be nicely equipped, pack a lot of items, have a decent amount of artes usages for skill multiplier % and a decent level. Side Quests' Bosses tend to be more dangerous than those in main storyline.

Trophies are getting added in this version, some trophies can contribute in progression of getting the game's platinum trophy (for those who are trophy hunters) and some not but tell that you've participated in the game's early build. A way to show our appreciation for trying out the game.

Skits are also getting added in this version, players may have random skits moments where their character talks with storyline NPCs in their party while on their journey. They may sometimes offer guidance of what to do when stuck somewhere in the future.

The new area: Tyr Forest is a quite a long area that connect to the next town and two areas which will remain inaccessible for now. An NPC can be found there to sell items and have a quest (recommended to have finish Lance's quests in Eltia).

The new town: Sanora Village is the next place where players will be able to access after Eltia. New equipments and item stocks will be available to buy.


Classes will have new artes as players level up to obtain them, some of the new artes requires a number of usages of certain artes to learn them.

First Boss have been nerfed a bit and should be easier to fight at a lower level now, hopefully around lv 8. Though still be careful to not force him to always attack to be in a safe zone, they will enter into an overlimit state that will stun whoever is in their surrounding.

PvP has been updated in order to avoid to see low damage due to artes' damage power in % output. Testings would still be required to see if all classes can damage decently.

That would be all for this update log!
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- Guy Cecil
ayyy new maps finally