Boruto The Final Battle

by WannaComeAtMeBro
Boruto The Final Battle
The life long dream of only wanting his father to notice him continues on...
k btw anything new like anything new for jugo clan or what about the reanimation jutsu that edo jutsu
evil kakarotto know anything that might have been added changed buffed nerfed or fixed in
oct 12 update?
juugos my fav clan i do want them to control there full form but not when they get it
somthing secret like that cave kabuto talked about (cant remember the name)
that chould be used for the clan that or let a medic steal dna from a jugo to get the clans abiltys then enter the cave to learn how to control it
We are reworking all jutsus CDS and Formulas, also we going update it even more in some days, log in to check your clan and give sugestions to panda.
i heard there was a update that redos the clans
when is that
there a way to get juubi without being a leader or aka?
does the owner plan to make juubi a thing you can get without staff giving it to you
tbh and fair seems like a wast of time for the staff why not add gedo mazo as both a summoning and sealing jutsu
this was my idea for sefi and other ntfb games but they didnt want it or they didnt find the time to add it

gedo mazo will be rinnegan jutsu but you must get it from a npc and who better to give to you then the one who got it 1st madara
gedo mazo cant steal bijuu from other players instead it seals beast npcs that spawn this is dif from killing them and taking em gedo mazo stores them meaning you cant use the beast but on bright side that means you wont lose it to a player trying to take it from you
once you have all 9 gedo mazo turns into full juubi and it will try to attack you
you kill it youll get the option to choose which form you want madaras or obitos but beware once juubi is made players will be aware as a message will tell them "juubi has been created" if they kill it they get it and youll have to kill them a few times till they loose juubi even then you need to go back to madara to get anther gedo mazo
cant get one if someone has juubi

my other idea involvs 6 paths sage chakra like naruto or rather ashuras anyone can get it just have all the beast in you find the sage of 6 paths and you get to choose ashuras or narutos

im sugesting alt ways to get juubi if you have an idea then id like to hear it
this is ofc an idea that doesnt involv orgs
but thats a option after all whats the point of being an aka theres nothing that makes them special in the game only dif whould be aka juubi gets rinnesharingan the alt worlds jutsu (which would work like kamui) and that inf genjutsu
it kills them but turns the dead body into a white zetsu npc that attacks everyone but you
again id like to hear your ideas guys tnx :)
thats the fourms for this game in case anyone wanted to know it
i got an idea there its easy to spot just look for my name Shadow light

i chould use some suport ideas and opinions if you have any let me know if its good or not or how i can make it better tnx
evil kakarotto you looked at the fourms and seen my idea?
its jugo and medic idea my user name next to it is Shadow light
Is this game going to work or what ?
anyone check the fourms for my jugo and medic idea?
We are working on a lot of stuff to the game, and yes i saw your idea, but i did not have time to answer you before, tomorrow i will post the answer in forum, also i will post in forum how to suggest ideas.
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Just wiped. 1.12.2017

Where is Tier?!
In response to OldGoat
Tier just finished exams :> Should be getting on soon
well well well..were back nice to see the game back up csb btw you see my idea in the fourms?
The primary source of this server is to balance out jutsu, training and end-game materials such as bosses. By the end of this wipe, I hope to find every bug and hopefully implement the new map. Otherwise no real other updates. Make sure to pass this around. Sorry I can't be on much more than I already am.
np csb...btw you get my idea i posted it in the fourm its a idea for jugo clan
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