FastDMM is an alternative map editor for BYOND that is designed to be more flexible.

- Very specific display filters! More flexible than just object, mob, area and turf!
- The ability to easily place down directional objects.
- Can easily render and display icons larger than 32x32 without any hassle!
- Can work with projects that utilize planes.
- Prevents large diffs by minimizing changes.
- Randomizes keys to prevent merge conflicts.
- Requires no external dependencies! Just run a single .jar file!

More information can be found on the public github for FastDMM:

The latest cross-platform releases can be found here:

This would be pretty cool, if it had all of the stuff the BYOND map editor did... and you know worked

Loads every map I've tried like that (lets ignore the fact the graphics don't look right), there's no way to move around the map.
Got this trying to load my dme for Exadv1.console

In response to Nadrew
FastDMM is still in beta! If you happen to come along exceptions, issues or things that are blatantly wrong please open an issue on our issue tracker over at

You can however move the viewport using your middle mouse button, our documentation is something that could use some work!

Thanks for trying it out :-)
Not making an account to post issues when I can just post here.

Using the middle button for movement is pretty unintuitive, especially considering that there's so many touchpads in use. Wouldn't the arrow keys and having actual scrollbars (instead of assuming the client will think to use their mouse wheel) be more consistent with every other editor that exists for anything?

Anyways, it's a good start and I'll definitely be checking it out again after you've had some time to resolve the issues.
Update: Plugged in a mouse. The wheel zooms the map, nothing I've tried actually moves the view port.
Nadrew, have you tried actually pushing down on the mouse wheel? I used the middle mouse button because other programs use it for moving the viewport.

The crash you're referencing... Most likely a result of lack of support for includes using <> instead of ""

Anyways, this map editor has mostly been tested with codebases using SS13, since that's the game I actually play. However, you could send over a zip file containing a test case.
Middle clicks don't seem to register as anything, ideally it should function similar to the map editor it's trying to replace, not ones elsewhere.
In any case, I would still like a test zip.

I have also added the ability to use ALT + Left Mouse to drag as an alternative to middle mouse button. Here is a build containing said feature:
Why should it function similarly? There's no point in remaking an editor just to make it act the same when there are plenty of improvements that could be made in both UI and quality of the application.
ideally it should function similar to the map editor it's trying to replace, not ones elsewhere.

This is made by people who have more experience working with similar tools in other languages, than working with byond's tools.

It's gonna be built to fit industry conventions, and not byond's conventions.

And to be truthful, to some people, it not being like byond is a plus. What's the point of making a new editor, if you try hard to make it exactly like the other one. This is a good time now to experiment with different control schemes, see if there is a more efficient way. Something byond can't do with DM because there is too much in ways of expectations.
I'm talking in terms of usage, not function. It should at least be attempted to make it easy to use for people who are used to using the DM map editor, even if just optionally, if you exclude that bunch you're still removing the point of making an alternative, if you provide nothing to DM's average user, and not just SS13 developers.
In response to Monster860
Monster860 wrote:
In any case, I would still like a test zip.

I have also added the ability to use ALT + Left Mouse to drag as an alternative to middle mouse button. Here is a build containing said feature:

Still not sure why you wouldn't use the arrow keys too, they're not being used for anything else if the map is focused. Forcing mouse usage is screwing touchpad users massively. Have you ever tried to alt+drag with a touchpad? Or middle button for anything?
Yes, I have used alt-drag on a touchpad.

In any case, you *still* haven't explained in what way this map editor doesn't work with non-ss13 codebases, or provided a DM environment example for said non-ss13 codebase that doesn't work.

Providing a screenshot and then saying "it doesn't work" is not sufficient, because I don't know exactly what is wrong with that screenshot.
Best I can do is a screenshot at the moment, for one I can't legally send you the source to the project I tested this with, for two, I wouldn't if I could.

I'll make a basic test environment that shows the issue if you can't figure it out on your own, the crash you mentioned was indeed from using < and > inside of the dme, as far as I can tell.

FastDMM loading the MLAAS map.

DM loading the MLAAS map.
Would you editor have an ability to open non-compilable maps? If you ever tried to see old gateway maps, you know how hard to make them open. Especially in newest bay12, where most furniture paths was changed. And also in vg, where you can find plenty of station maps, but works only some of them.

I asked Lummox to allow opening maps with errors in native editor with changing icons of lost path/variable to big red cross. But he said that this too hard now(or something like that, i don`t remember). Maybe you would make this stuff here?
Nadrew, it looks like there's a problem with DMI rendering. Maybe it's using an older format?
I imagine there's quite a few 2.0-era icons in that mix, as there would be for quite a large number of BYOND games created in that time (even SS13 has one or two of them left in the mix). Definitely not feasible to go through and figure out which ones and resave them.

The editor should probably support the old format anyways, otherwise you'll end up with people coming across instances like this and having no idea why.
Oh god....

The old formats aren't even PNG's!

So, how do they work on the inside exactly?
There's a design document for them buried on the forums somewhere, but I think the person who was working on those Python DMI handler things already managed to deal with the format.

I'd search it up, but alas, I am on dial-up for the foreseeable future and probably won't be all too helpful from this point forward.
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