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Hey Guys, I just started working on a Game and wonder'ed on if I wanted to make the Hub how would I do tat?

Hope you can answer me soon thanks !
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On the top right corner of the website, you'll see your avatar. Hover over your key next to it, click on Publish Games in the menu. From there click the Add a new game link, and fill out the information as needed before clicking the Save button. You can always edit it later, by the way.

Inside of your source, you can enter your hub information by setting the hub to Issack1231.hubpath and hub_password to whatever password you had set in the hub options ( if any ).
At the top of the website, click Developers.
Near the top is a box that says "Getting Started".
Click the thing that says "Publishing Games".

Or click this:
I meant what would the Hub Key be? if I worked on a Game? Please help me Thanks !
Alright nevermind I got it, Thanks for both answer's :D