You can argue semantics, but the important takeaway is that the next version could change this behavior and Lummox is not going to spend time changing it back.
I actually do think it's worth taking a look at this to see if it's reasonable to change this behavior in the webclient, for consistency.

However, I suspect the main reason the webclient does this differently is that the webclient is handling screen objects far better than DS does. DS breaks everything down into tiles and works on a tile-by-tile basis, for legacy reasons that really don't make sense anymore and I'd eventually like to get rid of. The webclient likes to handle things in a much simpler list format.

If it turns out to be the case that the webclient is different for that reason, then I don't intend to change it. But if it's some quirk of the way I did things in the code and it's easy to bring into line with DS without doing something bass-ackwards, I'm up for making the change.
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