Aetherune Tournament

by Yut Put
Build a deck, claim tiles and cast spells in this tactical turn based arena.
Bloodbubble is 1B, 1R for a 2 hp heal if you walk over something.
Heal is an 1B, instant 2 hp heal. (I dont get why it scales so amazingly, 2x hp for mana, spammable from beginning of game basically.)

Why would you ever use bloodbubble over heal? The only example I can think of if you are at max hp and want to place, but even then thats such a specific time for a skill slot and 1 extra mana.

(ADMIN)Blue Empire(1122)Seteron14: for shock absorption
(ADMIN)Blue Empire(1122)Seteron14: put one behind you and when you get hit you get heals
Blue Empire(1140)TikTik: but on the turn you cast it, you can heal then
Blue Empire(1140)TikTik: for -1 red mana
Blue Empire(1554)Flick: I'm gonna go smoke a cig before 7 :P brb
Blue Empire(1140)TikTik: and you will end up with the same amount, since they heal the same in the end
(ADMIN)Blue Empire(1122)Seteron14: meh