Duel Monsters Millennia Source

by Nailez
Duel Monsters Millennia Source
Source code to Duel Monsters Millennia
Download it here!

After going through some things and not being able to work on it. I decided to release the complete soure code to Duel Monsters Millennia.

This is the full game as of version 0.7a.

I hope someone can continue this and make it something amazing!

Note: I am not the best programmer in the world (actually this is my first proper project and I only used it to learn the BYOND language and improve my programming) and because of that there are most likely areas that can be further optimised and improved.

I have not documented any of the code so there will be a lot of deciphering but it is pretty simple when you have a think about it and I believe the files are well organised.
please can you keep working on this, I really miss a game like this, reminds me of duel monsters online