Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
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Sidetracked Log is a different type of update log where it holds what could be added in a upcoming update or in later future updates of Tales of Judgement R.
You may consider this similar to a Feature Request or a group of thoughts that may or may not happen in ToJR in the future. Anyway, let's get this started.

Few days ago, some thoughts have been gathered.

Equipments Thoughts

Thought #1 - Old ToJ's Blacksmith revival as an Equipment Upgrade NPC
Those who played the old version of Tales of Judgement R, simply named Old ToJ, must remembered that where was once a blacksmith in Eltia Village, previously named Central on Old ToJ. His only usefulness was to give quests that gave some special type of armors, nothing more. Well, I thought that NPC could be added once again with a Equipment Upgrade system, allowing players to upgrade their equipments by 10-20 levels of upgrades and their gains would vary depending of their level requirement. This system would help for when a player don't have the level required for their next tier equipment.

Thought #2 - Equipment Qualities (Possibility of a Profession System)
Lately, I've been thinking that equipments may have different qualities, which can change their neutral stats and gains with equipment upgrade. Enemies could drop equipments with different quality from what sold in shops, they may also drop shards that may affect an equipment's quality, an idea I thought it could be added after playing Tales of Graces f for days.. With that in mind, we could probably see a profession system that may include dualizers (a special type of blacksmith that works with shards to create different qualities equipments from what shops usually sell, may also evolve them into special equipments), miners (gathered shards and ores that would help a dualizer) and hunters (gathering materials drop with more luck from monsters).

Battle System Thoughts

Thought #3 - Special Challenges for more rewards
This is one idea of thought that have been stuck for quite awhile. I've been thinking that battles could have an extra reward system for completing a certain challenge that may appear in players' encounters by chance. By exemple, if a player or a party enters a battle and see a special message above the screen like: Defeat the monsters within 30 seconds - and they've defeated these monsters within 30 seconds, they may gain certain % more EXP, Gald, SP or an HP/TP restore by certain %. It may be quite useful.

That will be all thoughts for this Sidetracked Log. Let me know if anyone have any thoughts about this or a thought that they think they can be seen on ToJR's future updates. Until then, the next update log should be released next week or in September. Enjoy the rest of summer everyone.

- Guy Cecil
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