Is it possible to remove the web-client status bar (circled in red)? Also is there a way to disable the full screen functionality of the web-client?

You'd expect at least one of these to hide the default skin's status bar, but they don't:
winshow(src, ":status", FALSE)
winshow(src, "status", FALSE)
winset(src, "default", "statusbar=false")
winset(src, "mainwindow", "statusbar=false")
winset(src, ":window", "statusbar=false")
winset(src, ":status", "is-visible=false")
winset(src, "status", "is-visible=false")

Unless that's some kind of bug or incomplete feature, you're just gonna have to use a custom skin that doesn't have a status bar in the first place.
Using a project with a custom skin and no status bar takes away the left side of that grey bar (it no longer has the original status bar) but the right side (with the buttons for joystick, sound etc...) still stays there, is it possible to remove that?

Also, is it possible to remove the full screen button here?

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Wanna share your skin file? I just made a quick one with just a map and output, and there's absolutely nothing else there.

That full-screen button shows up for me too, but only at the play button screen for the "/embed" page. It doesn't seem to have a purpose though, since it's already filling the browser if it's the "embed" client...

The webclient is still pretty rough, and people don't seem to be giving enough feedback for it to make any improvements. Every little bit counts.
The skin file is here: download.php?file_id=30712522856731950852&t=3071252285673195 085269405

There isn't much to it because this was just a small test project to see if I could get the webclient working.
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Oh, I meant a .dms skin file, but if you don't have one, I guess it might still be a bug that having "statusbar=false" in the .dmf skin still shows a statusbar in the webclient.
Any chance I could get an example of a dms skin file? Isn't dms a script file in BYOND?
div.byond_hotbar_bar {
div.byond_hotbar_contents {
height: calc(100%) !important;

Thanks, that works great!

Is there any documentation where I can see what I can edit with a .dms file?
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See the webclient documentation:
Ah I see, thanks for the help!
The full-screen button before you play isn't removable yet; I plan to eventually add more ways for a developer to specify options that can be seen by the site, so that it can remove that for you.

Full-screen capability is on my list to add.

Kaiochao, just so you know the status control is a subsection of the actual control you want to access: the hotbar. The hotbar isn't currently setup to open/close like the Dpad can, but that's something I can change. I believe you may however be able to simply remove it; I'd have to check the docking code to get a good look. The hotbar really does need more TLC.