The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age
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I was thinking there should be a maximum level system say lvl 3500.

Cause I think it kinda puts ppl off (O.o or is it just me) seeing ppl like lvl 5000+ and ur like lvl 300

^^ ima like WTF it's been 3 days how the fuck they do that by just hitting a fucking log.


BTW admins try not to edit ur favourites T_T

There are also weights which drastically increase leveling speed if you're strength is high. But yeah I know what you mean, the thing is that happens because of no-lifers and bug-abusers so casual players kind of get the short end of the stick. Then again if there were a cap then there would have to be a large amount of events, missions, NPCs, etc. added in so that people will have stuff to do after they cap besides go around and kill/loot people.
Yeh ur right
I'd totally go on a looting spree out of boredom
i agree huge max level must exist but as long haki doenst give overall level even if you reach max overall level your hakis will must being able updated but will have maax level too my probably max haki level = max overall level