Ninja Chronicles

by Orange55
Ninja Chronicles
Online PvP Sidescroller

This GIF demonstrates some of the blocking system. Damage is reduced and projectiles bounce away smoothly. Eventually, the block is shattered. This is after the NPC already took some heavy damage. The block indicator starts off with a gold outline and slowly fades to what you see in the gif as damage is received. The "durability" of the block regenerates over time, while not blocking.


This GIF is just some general ass-whooping. A few of Sasuke's skills are used.


This GIF is probably my favorite -- it demonstrates the 360-degree projectile system that will set Ninja Chronicles apart from other BYOND games of the same genre.


This demonstrates the ability to fully customize your jutsu hotslots, ensuring each player can play comfortably.

Good stuff in the works, stay tuned.