by The Magic Man
A collectible card game.
Thanks to everyone who came and helped test. Got to eliminate a ton of bugs as well as a lot of useful feedback.

For people who did play and are not busy, I'd appreciate any other feedback you have to leave as well as comments on changes I plan to make.

The changes are as follows.

1. I am removing attack cards. They're just not working the way I hoped and I have no idea how to really balance them to even make them worth using anymore. Some will be made into support cards, others will just be removed or recycled in some way. But the attack card type will be removed.
In exchange, all monster cards will not get an at least somewhat unique attack. Not only will they have a unique name (which will have no effect but to make them look fancy), but an effect of some kind to. Not every cards attack will need an effect, but they'll be much more common than they are now.

2. I'm adding a limit to monster summons per turn. Each turn you will be given 10 tokens, each monster you summon will remove tokens equal to the monsters level. As such you can either play a few high level monsters per turn, or a lot of lower level ones.

Those are the two major changes to the game I am making.
Smaller changes will include giving card elements and races a theme. This will be very general though (such as fire element monsters being fragile but dealing high damage, or undead race monsters gaining advantages or manipulating the graveyard).
To accommodate this, I'll be going over some of the cards that exist now and either changing their effects or swapping them with other cards that better suit their element/race.

Naturally I'll be working on the game, adding new cards, new features and so on and will host further testing sessions in the future.

Again, to anyone who came and helped me test, thanks a lot. Some of your feedback was really helpful.
Interesting. The removing attack cards sounds like a fun new thing. Now it makes more sense to be able to run with many small monsters, instead of one big one. Because now you have attacks for everyone, instead of just one or two. Can't wait to see some fun attack effects! I'd love it if you gave the blue/red oni *or their entire archetype if you remake them* attacks that are stronger with their duos.
That will probably be Onis attack effect. Bonus damage if both are on the field.

Also just remember, not every card will have an attack effect. Some will simply be "deals x damage".
I'd imagine those type of affects will generally do more damage, or be reserved for monsters that are cheap, or otherwise have a really strong affect already. like that one light monster that can attack twice. So all good with me.
Glad to have you back. I presume the hub password and other things have been changed. I've been hosting the game for about 2-3 years now. I guess it's time to shut it down? You'll still have access to all the files there if you ever wanted to grab the saves.
Your hosting was awesome Xirre.