Ninja Chronicles

by Orange55
Ninja Chronicles
Online PvP Sidescroller
Hello everyone!

Regarding hotkeys for movement, flash, sub, etc -- they will eventually be able to be mapped to your own custom preferences. For now, they are static.

In this latest version, you will (eventually) find the latest updates:

- Projectiles added. For the time being, Q cycles through three projectiles, which each come with their own benefits. Right now, shuriken, kunai, and exploding tag kunai are in.

- Projectile supply limit added. Each player has a "supply" of ninja tools that gradually regenerates. Different tools cost a different amount to use.

- Substitution added. Tapping Z will start your substitution, and the next damage you take will be nullified. A log will pop up, and you will launch into the air.

- Flash added. All players will be able to press F to flash a small distance across the screen, which is followed by a cooldown.

- Debuffs such as "exhausted", "drained", "blocked", and others have been added -- and are just about fully functional.

- Icons added for when flash/sub are on cooldown.

- Icons added to display supply limit for projectiles.

- Icons replaced for some jutsu.

- Chidori fully functional for Sasuke.

- Nameplates added.

- Various other minor tweaks, fixes, and additions.

Here are the GIFs! They must be clicked to be viewed. You can also find them on the HUB in the screenshots page:







(Side note: the substitution GIF makes attacking look off. The attacker in that GIF is an NPC designed to do nothing but swing for the time being, so that we can test substitution. Player v.s. Player melee is very accurate, unlike the example in the GIF.)