Ninja Chronicles

by Orange55
Ninja Chronicles
Online PvP Sidescroller
Hello everyone,

A quick post about how the alpha is going to go down.

There are going to be 3 phases to the alpha.


This is where we're at right now. The game will be under heavy construction and the core of the game will be created during this period.
Once 4 characters are fully created we will move onto the closed alpha phase.

2)Closed Alpha(V0.4-V0.8)

Servers will be up but it will be an invitation only party. We expect to develop shell systems during this period.
You will be able to sign up for this once we get closer to this point.
Once 8 Characters are fully created we will move onto the open alpha phase.

3)Open Alpha(V0.8-V0.1)

Servers will be up for all to enjoy, but there will probably still be some bugs here and there.
New characters will be added over time until we have 12 fully developed characters on the roster.
Additional systems may be added if deemed necessary.

Once the alpha is done we'll start focusing more on expanding the roster.

We may make changes to our game plan down the line, but this is basically where we are headed right now.

That's all for now!