Any BYOND Moderator's out there who can warn this Guy to stop?
His name is VampireLight

He spamms me everyday
Just because I dont help him on a Game. Thats a screenshot of Him being a Douche to me in a Game
And he still continues
This is him spamming my Pager
And now he continues even More
And this is happening Right Now ... Someone just please warn him t o stop.
Best to block him on pager to prevent any future messages, BYOND Moderator has no power against it.
ban him from your pager
We can't really do anything about him, honestly. However, you are able to block him on your pager. Beyond that, it's up to the moderators of whatever game you're playing if they'll stop him from spamming you in-game.

Sorry you have a deal with a guy like him.
Well, since he is using a BYOND service (the pager) - that's totally abuse. That's probably something Lummox can yell at him about. But, you also have the power to just block him on the pager.
In response to Ganite
Wai Wait Wait What? I can "Ban" him from my pager? cause he just uses his alts to spamm me.
In response to Super Saiyan X
I've done it many Times, he just uses his alt
Your name is "GetRekt69", you brought this on yourself.
In response to EmpirezTeam
Just keep hitting block when he does that and ignore him. He won't do it forever. Nobody is that persistent -- especially when they get no response.

As SSX said earlier, though, maybe Lummox will see this and say something to the guy since he's abusing the pager.
In response to Fugsnarf
Well that's the Thing, I've tried talking with the "Owner" of that Game but, He's never on or Respones, I've talked with a Admin on the There they Just ignore me, He follows me on Most Games I play, Its funny cause usually when I log on another game he follow's me there and he got Banned, but he's gotten Banned Multiple Times on that Game He was spamming me on, Though he comes back with more Alts, I dont know why they don't IP Ban Him.
Well you're playing a fan-game so whoever owns it probably doesn't have the mental capacity required to understand what an IP ban is, let alone use one. He's most likely no smarter than the person spamming you.
In response to EmpirezTeam
I understand Guys, Thanks for giving some Opinion on what I should do, And whats Lummox's Pager?
Lummox JR
In response to Fugsnarf
Okay, Thanks.
Sticky bans will prevent him from using a different key to page you. When you click on the pagerban button on a user, you will be given the option to make it a sticky ban. Check that. It's pretty effective. It takes more time for someone to bypass a sticky ban than it is usually worth if you don't respond to them and just persistently pagerban them.

Believe me, my pagerban-fu has gotten strong over the years, and I've had some persistent and very unbalanced people harassing me in the past.
I sent the guy a warning. It seems he's fond of harassing other users too.
In response to Lummox JR
Yea, Your right he's done it to Other's to, You can Ask SuperSaiyanJoe, he's been spammed to, So have others.
He victimized SuperSaiyanJoe too?

Ok, he's gone entirely too far now. It's one thing to spam GetRekt69, but when you harass SuperSaiyanJoe as well, that makes this situation drastically more serious.

NOBODY messes with SuperSaiyanJoe and lives to tell about it.

[edit] Upon further investigation, I've found that is inactive. He must've been harassed so much that he disabled his account. Poor SuperSaiyanJoe. All he ever wanted was to swing his arms up and down in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. RIP 2016.
In response to EmpirezTeam
Well its not just Joe, I know 7 Other people He's harrased, If you want Proof I can tell them to talk about what he's done, 1. Dayvon66 2. DoubleZero210 3.Joshuasca 4. HIGKILLER
5. Ricksosick, 6. King Aub Rwam, 7. XSoulBreaker4, And I'm sure there's more.
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