Yes if you can get more witnesses to testify against VampireLight that will help build our case.
lol i remember when thedarkchakra posted "f**youandyourgames" x100 on every single hub and post i had

I'd like to buy one ticket to fuck you and your games, YutButt. Swiggity Swooty. Comin' for that Putty.
lmao i forgot about thedarkchakra/Eugene the support agent, heres the link to that classic thread. i was in tears laughing especially when he said you sent him a red penis in a hot dog bun forum/?post=1300675&page=4#comment5106521

if we didnt have threads like that i wouldve stopped coming to byond years ago
That poor guy. I felt bad for him. If we still had guilds, I would form a BYOND Experts guild in honor of him.
In response to EmpirezTeam
I understand, I'll look cause He spamm's on Most Games, Also ask BYOND Pager: WannaComeAtMeBro. Because he banned him on His Game, and now he yells at a lot of People Just to get Un-banned.
In response to EmpirezTeam
I found People GetRekt69
other People who have, 1. Dayvon64 2.Raikiri93 3. Splatman
The matter has been dealt with. If spam persists, you can let me know, but I think I got it across that it stops here. If so, I'm cool with leaving it at that.
In response to ISSACK
On where?
In response to Lummox JR
I see.
You have 3 different tabs for 3 different naruto games... i only have 1 question. Are any of them any good ;)?
In response to Ghost of ET
Um ..Do Ik you? How do you have Access to my Account?
In response to GetRekt69
lol its in your picture 3 naruto game tabs
.-. Lummox did you mean if the spammed continued on the Pager? or if he spammed me at all? cause he's doing it now .-.
We can really only punish people for stuff on the pager and website, not in-game.
In response to ISSACK
ISSACK wrote:
.-. Lummox did you mean if the spammed continued on the Pager? or if he spammed me at all? cause he's doing it now .-.

which game is that
In response to EmpirezTeam
Naruto Fuuinjutsu Elite, If your trying to Join do it here.... byond://
You should just talk to the host or their admins about that. Maybe the author can help by implementing an ignore feature.
In response to Lummox JR
Believe me, I've done all, The Owner Legit never logs and his Pager is on do not disturb so he cant be messaged at all, And the Admins when you tell them hi or something they say "Hey" but when you say so and so is doing his they just block you.
And there's no Host its a Shell.
Sounds like it's time to play another game then.
In response to Nadrew
I guess so D=
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