by Jaja9090
Download Xenosphere here.
Download the source for Phoenix based games here, feel free to host them here if you want will donate the hub to whoever utilizes it best.

https://drive.google.com/ open?id=1OUBf-lk3Vgti_xbrU3vUMSedu5RtxmRL
How long are the servers going to be down?
Should be up by friday evening :)
Should be a interesting wipe I look forward to good gameplay.
Wait the header says "Genetics/Mutations." Did this go DBG'ish? Not hating this could be cool if it works well.
Thanks thebest12 :)

and yeah DBZT.

This wipe will be a very alpha build, but it's a skeleton so to speak of changes to come in the future, but in short yes we've added mutations/genetics and hope to flesh them out in the coming months :)
Server's still not up, is there an ETA?
Huh. Wasn't it supposed to be up around now? :(
Longest Thursday of my life x)
It technically isn't evening until an hour from now, so I'd go get some snacks or somethin' if I were you guys lol
Huh. Maybe the timezones are different in New Zealand. It is Friday for you, right?
Sorry guys. So the former coder had implied that the genetics/mutations systems were complete. Unfortunately we've found that's not the case. Nanie however is rather confident that it'll be done by Sunday evening EST.

Sorry again for the mess around and pledging to dates I couldn't keep, i'll try avoid making set dates in the future, hope you guys understand.
...WOW. You cant even put up a temporary server or any of the back-up files for now?
I was trying to think of something to say, but at this point, all I can think of is: I'm not even surprised. Everyone needs to fix shit that isn't broken, and here we are. Congrats on using your money on a barely changed source, Jaja.
Alright, take care of that @Jaja9090 it's all good man. I'm looking forward to it, keep us posted if you can.

Take care everyone. :)
In response to Dalerawks
Dalerawks wrote:
...WOW. You cant even put up a temporary server or any of the back-up files for now?

We could put up a temporary server, but it may have no point, and in the end cause more disappointed if people end up getting attached to that wipe.

We're considering it though.
I honestly think you would be better going another wipe cycle without the planned updates and just spend more time on a better code and less rush.
I mean I was done with last wipe but why shut it down? I am sure some people were still having fun. I got myself banned so I didnt see the last day of it. Also by old Coder do you mean Ginseng? Did he quit or something? SOOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! answer if you get bored.. I am off to go find something interesting to do before coming back.
We didn't intentionally shut it down, there was a error with byond that was causing it not to appears on Ginseng's hub, and yeah Ginseng quit.

Look forward to seeing you next wipe Reptillor :)
Still no news? Rip server?
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