by AlexandraErin
Rogue like. MUD like. RealmLike. Bringing text-based graphics into the 21st century.
RealmLike is a Rogue-Like/MUD-Like game, a (semi-)graphical Multi User Dungeon that takes the idea of text-based graphics as present in such classic dungeon crawlers as Rogue and Nethack, and updates them for the 21st century.

No longer do you have to look at letter D ominously approaching your squiggle on the screen and wonder if that's D for Dog or D for Dragon. No, with state-of-the-art computer video game graphical display technology, RealmLike will just straight up tell you if it's a dog or whatever. The future is now!

State of the Game Notes
  • This is a very early test of a very young game. The dungeon environment is a bit repetitive as a result, as are the foes and treasures.
  • Levels within classes are currently capped to the highest level defined in their progression. You can progress past this point by multiclassing.
  • In-game accessible with F1. The contextual help menu it provides is currently a bit spotty but can fill in some of the gaps on documentation while things are in flux due to ongoing development.
  • Character saving is currently a thing during sessions, but expect the test server to be frequently wiped.
  • Permadeath and PVP are both currently turned off.