Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
Yo! Guy here with ToJR'S Update Log #12 featuring version 1.0.20 v2 and 1.0.21 updates!


Fighter Class has been added. Fight enemies with their fists and overwhelm them with their powerful artes. Fighter features a higher attack power than Swordsman at the sacrifice of some defense but has high HP nonetheless. The class starts with Demon Fist at level 1 and will have other 5 artes available to learn through level ups.

Monster Types has been also added, setting monsters in 9 different categories (Human, Beast, Bird, Magic, Plant, Aquatic, Insect, Inorganic and Scale). This will allow for type-hunting skill to be useful at damaging them stronger. By exemple: "Assassin Skill will increase attack power against and lessen damage received from humanoid-type enemies."

50+ new equippable skills have appeared, which Assassin skill is included. Some are stats-passive equippable like Strength, Defend, Spirits, other are type-specific hunting like Assassin, Bug Buster, and much more. More skills will be added still. Skills are learned from Titles that players can acquire through conditions and one-time buyable titles in special shops. The more the skill offers, the more SP they cost, make sure you look what will be useful to equip if you are short of SP.

New side quests have been added in Sanora Village for the time being till the new storyline quests officially appear.


Swordsman and Mages have acquired new artes. Such as Sword Rain, Void Tempest, Hell Pyre, Tiger Rage, Demonic Chaos and Demonic Tiger Blade for Swordsman, and Lightning, Icicle, Air Thrust, Recover, Pow Hammer and Photon for Mage

Enemies' AI have been improved a bit for the mystic artes' system in the future, allowing all enemies to pause along the players so no one attacks till a mystic arte's sequence is over.

Battle System HUDs have been revamped as seen in the previous post about Mystic Artes prototype. Now players can see their party members' name on top of their characters' face, this will help for players that want to use healing artes or items on their ally in danger to not mistake their current party position.
--*Previous Version*: Player 1 mistakenly heals Player 2 instead of Player 3 since they all have the same face and same class
--*Current Version*: Player 1 heals Player 3 as their name are now shown on top of their character's face, not confusing who is who no matter what class/face they have.

Enemies' Stats based off the battle's Difficulty has been updated, Hard difficulty and above should show a bit more stats than before. Simple and Normal remains unchanged.

Few new titles has been added, which include at least 2 per classes. More will be added later featuring the new skills in their list of learnable.

Damage for both Players and Enemies have been improved

Hits System has been updated and is now staying longer for players to rack up some hits to gain bonus EXP at the end of a battle. The Hits and Damage design in the top right of the battle screen have been remade too.

That should be all for this update log, I should sleep a bit more often after working nightless nights to add and improve stuffs. Control your passion to get a few hours of sleep everyone, see ya in the next log!

- Guy Cecil
Will this game ever get a stable host in the future?,....These update logs are becoming weightless to me.
In response to Zeex00
The game will be stable for hosting around Winter with decent amount of contents to play with too.