The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age
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The automatic protection used by logias should not use up an energy. The only way to combat them would be to use haki armaments which should increase your damage by 2x on them. Fishmen should be able to stay underwater for an unlimited amount of time. There should be auctions. You should also increase walking speed, and also optimize the efficiency of the two most laggiest procs on the game.
I personally like all these ideas except for the first one. If it doesn't take up energy then there would be virtually no downside to being an element-user, you would get a large amount of armor/protection and most element-user focus on training energy anyways so that they can use their elements to do massive damage it shouldn't matter that element-user lose energy in protect form when they're hit since they have so much energy anyways. I'd like to add that fishmen should have a better way to combat SF users besides a bit more starting stats...I mean within 125 levels most fishmen would be hard-pressed to evenly match up against an average SF user....So please add in some type of fishmen-only skills that may be extra effective against SF users? Thanks :)
Like I said, haki is what will keep them from being op because currently it sucks to be a logia. The most useful thing is extract element.
No, it doesn't suck if you know how to use your element and element-users are able to use haki as well so I don't see how they aren't OP atm. Also, element-users are already getting new skills for their SFs that will make them even more OP, and yet fishmen still haven't gotten anything. Even cyborgs got some boosts.
Compared to others, it sucks. All we get is extract element. Other sf users get boosts to their stats which makes it easy from them to kill us. There should also be more stuff underwater. You should also be able to go underwater in the new world.
No, it doesn't suck because the energy you put in=the amount of dmg-the opponents armor. Also you get protection that doesn't drain much energy as long as you don't get hit repeatedly. Also element-users are getting skills like I said before and you'd best believe after they are in that they will be OP so be quiet. And you can't go underwater in NW for several reasons. 1) What would Ant put under water? you saw OW.... 2) What would it add to the game? 3) Underwater in NW was bugged before, every time people went underwater they wouldn't be able to get back out and drown, losing lives over and over again until they got wiped.
Here are more suggestions. First, remove all logs then add monsters. Once someone reaches level 150 or so, they join a crew. From then on, they will sail the New World fighting other crews. You gain exp from killing or making people faint. Eventually, some will find "INSERTCOOLTHINGHERE such as an island or treasure" then everyone will be wiped, and we can set sail again.
but if ant removed logs how would people train so they can get strong enough to fight the sea monsters and what if someone doesnt feel like fighting the monsters what will they do to train
and i agree there should be moves for fishmen only and auto protect should take energy but if you needed arms to fight a logia user they would be OP u cant keep arms on for an entire fight unless u have like 10k will power
You weren't lag free. The server crashed once there were ten people.
shutup 45tt i got a better computer