Allied Nations

by Godsring
Allied Nations
An RPG/RTS originally based on dwarf fortress

Allied Nations

Welcome to Allied Nations a RPG/RTS akin to games such as Dwarf Fortess and the more modern RimWorld. You are able to easily manage units, wage war, build, roleplay and generally just have all the fun you can imagine in a nice easy to use environment.


  • Individual unit selection and management.

  • Ability to mate your units to grow your army.

  • Ability to build anything anywhere a true sandbox environment.

  • Automated tasks/jobs for your units such as miners and woodcutters.

  • Several crafting types for your civilization such as Bonecrafting and Poison Making.

  • The ability to become a vampire or even a werewolf.

  • Many races from humans to DRAGONS

  • Units actually age with time and experience moods based on their environments.

  • The ability to tame and raise your own animals for meat or milk.

  • The ability to wage war on the NPC empires or other players use your strategy and carefully plan invasions.

  • Weather and seasons that are ever changing with simulated years.

  • The start of a gravity and atmospheric simulation where in future version you can impact the environment through your advancement.

  • The ability to start a clan and team with other players against strong empires who you could not otherwise beat.

  • Easy to use stockpile system so that you do not need to micromanage resources.

Mountain View
Initial Release Allied Nations:Fantasy v0.1.0
This is the initial release please enjoy and report bugs and other problems on the discord
Allied Nations v0.1.0 Release
1.Fixes bugs with picking up and droping certain items
2.Fixes bugs with placing stairs.
3.Adds support back for the building skill.
4.Seprates Player unit AI and NPC unit AI
5.Gives NPCs the ability to break walls and open doors.
6.Reintroduces tiredness and increases the amount you lose for different reasons as well at 0 or lower tiredness you can now die with a 25% chance every 40 seconds.
7.Fixes a little known exploit with the race selection menu to gain extra units on start.
8.Changes a few NPC behaviours including fixing the fact they attacked newly spawned units. NPCs will also no only attack the unit who attacked them not all of your units.
9.Various optimization to decrease cpu usage
10.Reintroduces two races
Allied Nations v0.1.3 Release

1.Fixes seeds not displaying correctly when planted.
2.Adds underground water.
3.Fixes Dragon and Spider eggs on relogs.
4.Adds spider cacoons for Spiderqueens to craft via the interact menu.
5.Removes beds from elves.
6.Fixes some issue with pickinging up certain items.
7.Fixex Various other minor unreported bugs.
8.Many Map Changes.(edited)
Allied Nations v0.1.4 Release

1.Map changes and enhancements
2.Bug fixes for stairs
3.Various small bug fixes.
4.New spawnpoint system for easy map editing(Got sick of specifying positions by exact coords for each race).
5.Fixes to NPC AI.
Allied Nations v0.1.5 Release
1.Various changes to the map.
2.Death age is reintroduced
3.Various small bug fixes.
4.Changes to the Guard AI
5.Readded delays for walking deppending on race and if you are running or if your tiredness is below 50%.
6.Incredible optimizations to existing code to smooth out some of the rough edges made by my constant new changes.(Much Lower CPU usage.
7.Re-enabled gravity and modified its effects.
8.Balancing overhaul to leveling(finally).
9.Added bone and wooden pillars.
10.Can now control sound volume with slider under the options tab.
Allied Nations v0.1.6 Release
1.Various changes to the map. ((Additional spawn points & more monsters)
2.Many improvements to the guard AI
3.Fixes for several issues related to clicking objects
4.Fix for some instances where clicking a mining turf would not automatically start the mining proc
5.Fixes for XP gains in some rare instances the xp gain proc would crash not giving you the earned xp.
6.Further fixes to pathfinding.
7.Fixes for being able to use certain objects at long ranges.
8.More leveling balances.
9.Various balancing including to the way units age
10.Mating age is now 16 rather then 5. ((I do not promote or endorse pedophilia))
11.Fixes for combat message spam.
12.Further optimization to improve game server performance(YAY!)
13.Changes to UI (Removal of chatwindow borders. Perhaps its was to much?)
Allied Nations v0.1.7 Release
1.Added a button under class select for guard mode.
2.Fixed several notices not being displayed in a console.
3.Made it possible to properly set guard points.
Allied Nations v0.1.8 Release
1.Fixes leveling additional +1 mod bug.
2.Fixes some races being spawned with ages past their death age.
3.Fixes issues with certain npcs not moving around as they are supposed to.
4.Fixes XP gains for some npcs.
5.Various other small bugfixes.
Allied Nations Pre-Steam
Allied Nations is now entering a pre steam phase and is now available as a standalone binary distribution. I will keep everyone updated with the details as we progress towards a steam early access release.
Allied Nations v0.2.0
1.Addition of the research system.
2.Core enchancements to support future features such as planetary atmospheres.
3.Unified UI.
4.Major bugfixes.
5.Major AI improvments.
6.Standalone client.
Allied Nations v0.2.1
1.Fixes to the new movement code.
2.Fixes to some item interactions.
3.Dragons and Spiders can move

Hotfix 1
1.Further optimizes the new movement code reducing server overhead.
2.Fixes some instances where players could pass through solid objects.
3.Fixes some instances where players could pass through NPCs.
4.Improvements to some AI code. "Are these NPCs just lucky or really smart?"
5.NPCs no longer like you attacking their allies.