Severed World

by Pixel Realms
A 2D Action-MORPG.

We've been testing the game with a small group of people over the last few weeks, with many bug fixes and improvements made to the game since then. We're looking for fresh testers to play the game, spot bugs, and suggest improvements...

If you're interested, post in the thread with the following template, or send it as a pager message to this key:

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(Chrome, Firefox, etc)

As of version 0.1 Severed World includes:


  • Six Classes: Warrior, Summoner, Rogue, Black Mage, Priest, Paladin. Each has access to an exclusive class spell tree, and a unique daily quest; the ranger's is to level up two players under level 10, for example. You can level up multiple classes on the same character.
  • Elemental Spell Tree: Air, Fire, Earth, Water. Five spells in four different trees that players can buy into regardless of their class. Each spell has three mechanical upgrades.
  • Tome Spells: Dozens of different 'tomes' that each contain a spell, allowing the player to unlock it by using the item and spending the Spell Point.
  • Primary Stats: Vitality, Strength, Mind, Magic, Agility.
  • Secondary Stats: Influence, Determination, Magic Resistance, Physical Defense. Weapon profeciency that upgrades over usage for all 6 weapons
  • Passives: 20 different passive... The advanced passives effects if the player is attuned to that element. For example: Fire damage has a small chance to deal a blindness status effect if the player is attuned and has purchased the passive.
  • Weapon Types: Swords, Polearms, Heavy, Staves, Rods, Scepters. Each effects physical and spell cooldowns, and some have mechanical benefits (a polearm has an extended range, for instance).
  • Items: Hundreds of items, many with unique mechanics, such as a zombie vial that revives the player an undead or a pair of bunny ears that enables a 'jump' on dash. ~50 crafting recipes.


  • Dungeons: 8 different dungeons, all replayable with a difficulty modifier; normal, hard, and extreme.
  • Dozens of achievements to unlock, each giving an EXP and gold reward.
  • Over 60 unique monsters spread out between four main regions.
  • Mini-bosses that have a chance to spawn if you kill a related lesser monster (f.ex: Queen Bee has a 5% chance to spawn every time a Bee is killed)
  • Challenging world bosses that roam the world. Fafir the Red Dragon, Kokb'ael the Archdemon, Galio the Golem, and Azrael the Gatekeeper.
  • Bounty Boards that task the player with finding enemies or mini-bosses for gold and EXP. The available bounties change over time.


  • Instanced 1v1 duels.
  • Instanced team deathmatch: An event initiated in the Lion's Den. Queues lean heavily toward matching party members and guild members together.
  • Guild Warfare: A guild can initiate war on another of a similar level for a sum of gold, which triggers an event that lasts for an hour. The warring guilds have their friendly fire disabled, even in towns, and enemies are marked on the minimap with a red skull. Score is tracked onscreen, with the victorious guild recieving a sum of gold and guild EXP.
  • Conquestable territory that gives boons to the reigning guild. There are three 'crystal cores' on the map, power sources that are contested in scheduled events as a region-wide deathmatch.
  • Scoreboards that track player and guild PvP score.deathmatch.
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