by F0lak
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Hello! If you are looking at this, there is a good chance that you are playing a HAZ II server on, roughly, version 6030. This means- the layers have been messed up in the character creator due to a Byond update. Well, here is this guide that will tell you what these characters are and their attributes.

Please, look at this picture and the numbering will make sense.

If you look at the picture, every character is numbered and that is how I will label them. Please use Control and F with the number to find what you are looking for.

Notes: Races 5,6,7 cannot make certain items the other races can and vice versa. Also, each race has it's respective language. All races are able to speak 'Common' however. Races considered 'orc' are able to eat raw meat. (May need to be rechecked.)

STAMINA accounts for how long you can work, (Mining/chopping), and how far/long you can sprint without resting.

STRENGTH accounts for how hard you hit your target with a melee attack.

Number one (1) : Southshores.
"You are of the Southshores bloodline. Your people are from the southern coast of the Mainland. "
Health : 130
Stamina : 120
Strength : 10
Considered a 'human' race.

Number two (2) : Plainsman
"You are a Plainsman. Your people have lived on the open plains of the land since time immemorable. "
Health : 100
Stamina : 85
Strength : 20
Considered a 'human' race.

Number three (3) : Northerner
"You are a Northerner. You and your kin hail from the snowy peaks of the north."
Health : 90
Stamina : 145
Strength : 15
Considered a 'human' race.

Number four (4) : Chiprock
"You are from the Chiprock clan. Your ancestors were noble warriors who have recently emerged from the underground."
Health : 80
Stamina : 70
Strength : 25
Considered a 'human' race.

Number five (5) : Warcry
"You are a member of Clan Warcry. Once the most powerful Orc clan in Hazordhu."
Health : 140
Stamina : 125
Strength : 30
Considered an 'orc' race.

Number six (6) : Stonehammer
"You are a member of Clan Stonehammer. You live for combat, and yearn for an honorable death."
Health : 140
Stamina : 95
Strength : 35
Considered an 'orc' race.

Number seven (7) : Windhowl
"You are a member of Clan Windhowl. Your ancestors were revered as mighty hunters."
Health : 100
Stamina : 160
Strength : 15
Considered an 'orc' race.

If you need to know some basics, refer to my other guide!

Thank you for reading, don't get beaten by a Bux!