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Anyone else have a project they're working on that heavily relies on the interface for almost every sort of interaction?

What I'm talking about is this:
My project currently has about 40+ buttons, 30+ labels, 1 main map, about 20+ small (64pixels x 64pixels) and a few other bits and bobs like grids, etc.

Runs fine and I test what I need to test. Then after about 20 times of running the project and then closing the project, the interface just starts acting bogged down and takes a LONG time to fully load and get positioned while the remaining portion of the project runs fine. As in, I can literally start moving the character while the interface objects are still loading in.

I would have to say it's not my laptop's issue (i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 970m, 1TB 7200RPM HDD, Win10Home64bit).

The project itself is fairly small in terms of content. Does not have any reoccurring loops. The interface objects themselves aren't given large image files, nothing should be causing the project to switch rendering modes (no transparent interface objects, etc).

I just... I don't understand. Is there something with Dream Maker and Dream Seeker where the interface is heavily reliant on a cache of some sort and constantly Running and closing a project will start bogging down that cache?

Visual presentation:
Its because Skin Interface hasn't been updated in years. Its Slow its buggy at times. It gets sluggy overtime etc. Only thing you can do is either accept those facts or remove em and start using hud objs
My game relies heavily on the interface system and I don't have any problems, so I don't know what to tell ya.
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Open the project in Dream Daemon. Start the profiling before the world even gets hosted. Host the world. Join the world.

I'm betting what's showing up is a problem that isn't readily apparent unless you profile a particular way.
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You should know that profiling is nulled out unless you define debug first. At least that's what I've noticed.
Obviously, since it's a debugging tool.
My point is that not everyone knows how to do that. I was just stating something that not everyone knows. smh
No issues that I can see. Like I said, it's not a large project. It's literally just logging in and moving a couple of tiles then logging out to test how the interface behaves and looks.
After more and more researching into this, I can't find a clear reason why it's doing it.

So, I'm scrapping interface files altogether and just sticking with screen obj's. Much more reliable... er, I mean predictable. ._.