Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
It is officially DMO's 13th birthday. To celebrate I took some time off my responsibilities to try and hack together a version to get hosted. Hoping that any still interested in the game can have a few duels and a bit of nostalgia.

The original version of DMO is currently being hosted for a limited time (at least a month). I took a week off to attempt to fix up a version in hopes of getting it hosted in time for DMO's 13th birthday.

Please understand the version is not complete or perfect. It was the last version I had worked on before I started on the remake. To be honest, I barely recall adding half the stuff that's in and the changes are a bit confusing as they were halfway complete. There some some options that I have no idea what they were supposed to do and some obscure features I don't even recall adding.

In any case, the game appears to be working okay. There was quite a lot of patching and refactoring to get it working well.

I hope you enjoy the nostalgia. Please spread the word among the fans.

Thank you for continuing to support the game and community after all these years.
Thank you so much for this, I hope you somehow decide to let it hosted so we can all enjoy this great game again!
Wow, 13 years. Seems like yesterday.
Great news!
is this real life.. don't take this away from us :o
Can anyone else help me log on. It's not working for me
Try updating you byond
In response to EDUB
I have. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled again. Every time I try to play it says connection failed. The thing is every other game works fine except this one.
I had to download the 511.1360 beta in order to play for some reason. Its the download all the way at the bottom http://www.byond.com/download/.
In response to EDUB
I did that as well but I'll give it a try again and hope for the best.
In response to EDUB
Yep still nothing
It looks like the stable 511 BYOND release will be out soon. I'll make DMO compatible with that when it is.

For now, you can probably play the game at http://dmo.lufika.com although it's not the best experience and hasn't properly been tested but it's an option.
In response to Kajika
Thanks Kajika I really hope you reconsider keeping it up. I know you think there are better alternatives out there but as far as nostalgia and the old style of yu-gi-oh. There is no place better. I loved this because it was for that old style of yu gi oh that I know and love and only play.
Wow... didn't know this was updated on my Birthday. o.0
Woah, am I dreaming?
Wow, that's great! I mean - there are plenty of new, better YGO! simulators but lets be honest - DMO!'s own rules, card pool and "feeling" make it different from "Just another YGO! game". Even as that outdated version, keeping it up is a good thing.


Look, I know people might not even bother to play but hey, it's nice to see some people still remember being in the game. I spent a good amount of my college days passing the time here.
Long time BYOND member and old player of your games.

Loved both of them. BYOND is basically what got me started in development, and I now do that for a living.

Would you be willing to open source the game, or be willing to share?