Naruto:Orgin of Shinobi

by H4R4MBE
Naruto:Orgin of Shinobi
Every Naruto character has a orgin, where does your characters orgin start?
A Naruto game that's PvP and PVE based where you can make your own customized Shinobi in the Naruto world.You can rank up, become a jinchuriki or become evil and join the Akatsuki. There are various clans and you can even start your own clan and 4 different villages.

Come join we just wiped the game become the strongest ninja,raid villages Join the Akatsuki or become a kage or anbu or sannin and collect all nine tails beast to get The 10 Tails or Sage Of Six Paths Mode! Will you become the strongest ninja?
if you post the host files ill host a semi full time server