It is unclear to me how this wonderful project intends to make money. They are probably banking on the post-Y2K business model, AKA "let's get bought out by Google!" FYI, that's BYOND's plan too, but so far Google hasn't returned my calls.
Ah yes! Pandora :)

They have a subscription method. It's much like BYOND in that you can use Pandora as much as you want, but if you pay you get lots of fancy features.

I think you can save playlists or something, I'm not sure. I haven't used it in ages, but it + is the best way to find new music.

And don't worry. Google will come around!
That's what I thought, too. But then I read their FAQ and learned that the only difference in the $36/year version is that they have no ads. But the ads are just on the webpage... and this is an audio player. Now I'm no business genius (wow understatement of the year), but who looks at ads on an audio player anyway? I guess they get a commission when you buy a cd off of their song links, but probably the people who use this product don't buy cds, cheap bastards.

Well, I'm going to pay for it anyway because this is the greatest website ever and I really don't want them to go out of business! Hmm, that's another similarity to the BYOND business model (er, the part about pity subscriptions, not the greatest product ever duh).
Pandora is probably a lot nicer with a subscription. I was a little too annoyed by having to sit through songs I didnt like. I dont even know if you can skip through more songs with a sub, though, which would suck if you couldn't.

And don't worry; Google's just saving their money to buy the United States, so that (and yourself!) will be bought along with that ;)
wow- totally forgot about Pandora- i discovered them about a year ago, but work and social life drew me away. thanks for re-introducing me to it! great concept!
Sweet Googly Moogly! This is great!

The funny thing is, they don't even filter their songs. It came up with a Tenacious D(One of my favorite bands) that is all about... "'loving' her Gently".

I have a library of about 3600 songs on my computer(Most of which were pulled directly off CD), but I still feel like I hear the same songs over and over again when I have Winamp on shuffle.
doesn't play anything I want to listen to =/

edit: well, they have Steely Dan at least; some good disco; no Italo >:(
*goes back to the Cybernetic Broadcasting System*
make a new station that plays artists similar to Buckethead.
That'll get you all the guitar instrumentals on Pandora.
Which is great, cause I love guitar instrumentals.
Their FAQ notes that their licenses forbid pulling up songs on request or immediately replaying songs. The radio-style licensing probably makes it a lot more affordable for them.
doesn't play anything I want to listen to =/

Ditto (because most of what I listen to is classical, which Pandora doesn't include =()
Pandora: boo!!! yay!!!
Hmm, Pandora... I like Last.FM or Yahoo Music.
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