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by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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NPC training is too fast.

Detention Unit NPCs give 200 stat points per kill. There are usually 5-8 at a time giving you 70k exp and 1400 stat points every time they respawn(Around 4 minutes). You can get 840k exp and 16,800 stat points an hour. It'd take less than 15 hours to go from level 300 to 400 from NPC training and you would get 342,800 stat points. Log training would take 5 times longer to reach level 400 from 300, and you would only get 14m total stats compared to the 34m from NPC training.

Someone is going to get RG day 2 of wipe and end it.
It makes things that give a training buff useless, and harder for hollows to devour due to average stats.
I agree, and on top of that it ruins competition because casual players (like me) can't even dream of catching up to people who devote their life to NPC training, and it's starting to just make the game in it's entirety much less fun in my opinion.
I had actually been curious about the math behind this myself, Opa. Seeing as I had overheard several people mentioning how they FEARED when the OP people decided to switch to Hollow/NPC training.

I'd like to add a bit of additional input to this. Those aren't even actually the most efficient NPCs to train on. The Subsquad NPCs scattered around the map (Onmitsukido, Patrol, Detention) scale at a much faster rate than other NPCs. While they give the most in terms of sheer number, someone can gain similar results by having Squad 12 fashion portable Gargantas and farming HM.

Hollows in HM respawn rather quickly, and the Arrancar class ones even moreso. They also pop in from other areas, and usually have a centralized area of appearance. Never mind that HM is two maps in size and also has ANOTHER weak but high yield NPC -- the Sternritters and the Wandenreichs who are hunting down the Hollows for canon reasons.

Vaizards on Earth are also far easier to kill than the Detention Unit npcs in most cases, unless they release and Mask on you instead of dying right out.

Theoretically, a Squad 12 Captain could have 400 just as fast as you described given current exp rates and point values, by quickly positioning himself early wipe to farm NPCs.

I believe we should either A) Nerf the NPC training drastically and possibly remove SPs or B) Factor this all in and have NPC training from the start. Since we'd all be killing weak npcs early on, then the Detention Unit would be too hard to farm, and most higher npcs would be out of our leagues for a good while.

A) might be more preferable, however, as it wouldn't requiring restructuring the entire requirement process/skill gains and such.
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