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Code:Well, I know it cant be the code it's all simple

Problem description:It, Says none of my icons are there...While I know they are I tried everything I could from renaming them to Redoing the code, No luck..

Could you elaborate more on what you mean by "it says none of my icons are there"? Are you receiving a specific error, or are the icons just not appearing in-game/in the map editor?
Well, If I named the icon Example.dmi it'll tell me it doesn't exist even though I know it does.
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Include either the full path to the icon from the DME, or the relative path from the code file; i.e. include folders and stuff e.g. 'icons/example.dmi'.
The DM is the is in root, So I'd said Rootfolder/Icons/Example.dmi
As Kaiochao suggested, provide a complete path to your icon and you should be fine.
Okay, I'll try right now and get back to you.
Alright problem solved Thanks guys!
Cheers and good luck :)