Hello. I've had lots of issues trying to figure out how to play on BYOND with Ubuntu Xenial, due to wine not working and just closing byond after loading.
Now that i've found out i wanted to share the answer. If you're in my same problem, just download PlayOnLinux:(It requires WINE, so install that first if you don't have it already.)
Once done, start it and choose "Install a program" option.
It'll open the installation menu,with several app categories on the top. Click on the phrase "Install a program not available in the list" bottom left.
Click Next till it asks you what to do, and choose the first option "Install a program in a new virtual" thing. Honestly,i'm unsure what this does, but it works for me so...
Apparently on the field it asks you to write stuff in,anything is accepted,so just write byond or something else
Don't check any of the 3 options it asks you, you won't need this
Choose 32bit windows
It'll ask you to select the installer. Click the big button and choose your byond installer(The windows .exe)
Once done you can create a desktop link to the .exe for easy access,up to you, then choose "I don't want to create any more link" aka the first option and go next
Now you'll be back to the main window,and if everything went good, byond should appear on the list on the right, although it's not ready yet. Click it once, and find "Configure" on the list on the left.
In the new window go to install components and install IE8, mfc42, vcrun2013, wsh56 and wsh57. During those installs, some errors may pop up, ignore them, it'll work anyway(Well,hopefully. I got like 7 errors but it works just fine.)
Now you should be able to run byond. Open the link on the desktop if you made one,or just open it in the playonlinux general tab. Have fun!
Very helpful, thank you.
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Spongetatle wrote:
Very helpful, thank you.

Happy to help!
Anyway, there are a few bugs I noticed by playing on SS13:
1)No sounds can be heard at all. Don't know if including some library might fix this though?
2)Chat is formatted weirdly. Like, stuff doesn't get bolded and the font seems different. It possibly is due to the use of IE8 instead of a newer IE11. Sadly IE8 is the last version on wine, so I doubt we can do anything to fix this.