by Fat Albert
A detailed minimap code
Patch 2.1
Got rid of the white borders/background
Improved rendering speed/cpu

Updated to Version 2.

Features include:
Positioning Is More Easily Handled
Accuracy Greatly Improved
Click and Move functionality
Highlight MiniMap Area Example
A Variety of Minimap Shapes/Styles
Fast Rendering
Change color feature for map and background.
I recommend uploading to the hub and not just dropping a Dropbox link. Especially considering that it's a pre-release and you plan to update it more. You're a member so it shouldn't be a problem for you.
As a matter of security I don't download archive files from sources I don't trust.
I uploaded it, luckily its a small file. My members space is negative 2.2 mb now tho :D
Says the file is invalid?
There are two links, the Download link from byond and the dropbox link. Both should be working. Which one are you having a problem with?
Wow no one told me the demo wasn't working.
still doesnt work