Naruto: Eternal Memories

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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
for those who dont know yuri is sasuk8 xD
I'm pretty sure I'd be the best candidate out here from what I see lol. Want this game to roll so screw it. I have a huge break coming soon and I'm willing to sacrifice some time I guess since i'll be home. Previously I had other people code for me if you remember, now i'm willing to just do that shit myself. Player-base knows me well so I don't really have to explain myself too much. I'm just looking forward to being a "temporary" kind of guy till there's actually some one worthy enough to take ownership.#MakeNEMGreatAgain
Make nem great again
I support Deathmall if im made a co-owner and allowed to abuse as I see fit!!!
#DeathMall he gonna build a wall
oops wrong account
I support both of them.. just work together
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Zzetsu-X wrote:
I support both of them.. just work together

I'm actually interested in Deathmall he seems like a radical dude and since the community likes us both I wouldn't mind working with Deathmall if he's interested that is. We could make a good partnership from what I'm seeing.
Why dont we just make a team of everyone who wants the position, deathmall as president the rest as cabinet members
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As long as no power is greater than the other and all update and decisions come down to democracy and free thinking. I'm cool with Deathmall being President but you have to remember this has to all be fine with Eternal Memories as well, so I'll message Deathmall see if he's on board then, I'll talk to Eternal and see what he thinks.
So you want to form a team? You should probably post here how it would work. That sounds cool to me, but I want to know how you'll update the game together.
make NEM great again
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Eternal_Memories wrote:
So you want to form a team? You should probably post here how it would work. That sounds cool to me, but I want to know how you'll update the game together.

Through the use of Dropbox, we can both stay up to date, not only that, we can further more keep the game up to date with the Manga/Show in terms of characters and new maps, add new events(modes), cool new features, and new systems.
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Well I'll break it down.

Iconners: Have their own dropbox, and post icons that the coders and mappers request there everyone is connected to that dropbox.

Coders: Deathmall, or whoever leads it will send out instructions to people on what to do. It would be entirely possible to make a snippet of code if you know the variables, and if there is trust you could make a dropbox with the source files inside and there is a document or excel sheet in what times people should edit what, and when its your time ask the previous person if they are complete so avoid confliction and they update it etc.

Mappers: Just send turf and map codes and map and they place things wherever and update the dropbox.
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lol we had the same idea but you said it first.
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I'm accepting this "Team" offer. Although I have to make a few things clear. I'll be the "President" of this small team. I'll be setting long-term, short-term goals and also I'll decide on the rest of the staff team. It seems like I'll work on maps,characters and other visuals and look through the code before updating. Sasuke and Pearl would code and I'd look over it basically. We'll split up short-term goals between ourselves and update the game. So everyone would get to code.
When it comes to icons, I have to admit that it's quite difficult to find someone willing to work with spritesheets & Dream Maker Icon Editor. It's not a difficult task, so you may have to do that from time to time xD. I doubt there's a need to have another DropBox for that. In fact, you could provide a sample icon to people if they want to make more characters (and if possible, to get them added later on by this new team). Try to make sure they're always centered, and well... basic stuff.

I guess you will all have the same commands in-game (perhaps Mall should have more to control the server or w.e.). But you should be the ones deciding that part, so please, comment here everything xD
Im just the lackey
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