Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
If you follow this forum since a long time, you already know Azusa's goals;
I been working hard to make the game good enough before trying for its greenlight at steam;
Wellp, one of the things stopping me from even trying to greenlight was Azusa's RPG Maker graphics, wellp, there are alot of rpg maker games at steam, but to use the free rpg maker graphics, you needed to use RPG Maker to make the game... Something like that, made Azusa an "illegal" game.

With that explained, someone working "alone" in a game, without money or alot of skills at iconing, would take forever. and it indeed took a long time; However I bought some legal artworks to be used on Azusa; So now, we have something legal enough to atleast present it to steam community <3 "Yay"

And, with this, we move from "alpha" to "Beta". And in this transitions, the graphics isn't everything changing, of course, there are alot of bugs to be fixed, (mainly in the new combat system); and, also, the way game works will change.
But I didn't come here to tell you guys about what is changing, But the Hiatus itself:
Working alot on these updates didn't leave me enough time to admin all of Azusa's servers, and there were alot of bugs in the latest alpha to keep the game running fine;
So we decided to get a short hiatus, now that Brazilian RP server ended its war, its our first full downtime in what 2 years?

Don't you dare thinking Azusa is abandoned, I am working hard and I will keep posting here weekly vlogs about the news;
But you can expect some new maps to be introduced soon! So keep your eyes at the hub and follow Azusa's hub to know when our game will return <3