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Say I wanted to provide some character customization in the form of hair color, eye color ect. Is it possible to have a color palette and allow the player to click on a color or do I have to predefine color schemes and present them in a palette form? If so the only part that confuses me is not applying the color but how to capture the color value under the mouse click? Any suggestions?
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The quick and dirty solution is to use "input() as color". It shows a very functional color selection popup.

Otherwise, I would show a list of options; one color per object to click on.

Some games let you cycle through a sequence of choices with two clickable arrow buttons. This isn't exactly my favorite way.

If you want to get the color of the pixel under the mouse, you'll have to override Click(), parse the params to get the coordinates within the icon, create an /icon object, and call icon.GetPixel(). Maybe don't bother with this.
Wow, I never knew about the input() command as color type thanks that sounds like my up front solution.

Sooner or later I will mess with grabbing the screen-loc from params though oddly enough my biggest challenge is regular expressions even something as simple as grabbing numbers after the colon (##:##) is trouble for me.

Thanks for the help! :D cheers!