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Byond's default pathing is fairly good for a lot of general cases, but there's no way to say what is or isn't passable for things using this pathfinding system. They pathfind around dense things, but it's not easy to just set something to be dense, as that can have other unintended side effects.

Essentially this is a request for a density_pathfinding or pathfinding_density or w/e variable that would mimic density, but for pathfinding only, to give us just a little more control over default pathing.
I'm not sure I follow. Density is the quick-and-easy solution and that's why built-in pathfinding uses it. If you don't want it to rule movement, you can make other arrangements by overriding the movement procs.
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Yeah. Built-in pathfinding only uses density, and not Enter() or Cross(), so you could instead make your own "non-pathfinding density" variable for atoms that is compared in those procs.