Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
I promiced I would keep you guys updated, sorry for being late but here I am!

Everyone already know the themes of this update/change, but if you don't lets make it short: Inu is remaking the game graphics, maps and fixing some bugs.

Alot of the beta features are not going to be in the very first release (v.0.1) but as I finish them, I will keep you guys updated, and... at the release date I will make a topic with the logs as I usually do, so lets get started:

(Sorry for the very bad gif quality)

Its not possible to see/read alot of it yet, but we have a new intro! Its very short and intuitive, based off on pokemon intro (the one with prof. oak talking) so I think no one will have problems with this one.

Also I am going to introduce some songs at the game, probably battle songs and intro/login songs; (Keep your eyes at the credits at hub/ingame)

The main change old players will find in the new map/graphics style of Azusa Beta is: cliffs levels and waterfalls <3 (Yeah sounds trivial for new players, but old ones know how these things were impossible at Azusa)
This allowed me to do some more elaborated maps, with hidden ways and secrets, making the players really wanting to explore, or to have a "way to go" when they start the game.

Basically there are 2 types of "zones" I call them "bioma" and "dungeon". Now a whole map is "Grassland" or "Montain" or "Desert" etc; and in these bioma maps players can build/dig, do whatever they want;

However to go to another bioma (from grassland to desert for example) you will need to go through a dungeon: Maps with mazes, puzzles, bosses, dangerous mobs, treasures to be fount etc. this makes traveling a little interesting.
But to keep things not too linear, I made it possible for a single dungeon to have multiple maps and head to different biomas.

Some roll of fixes on the battle system were needed! So to make the battle flow fast as I desired, I made some changes at the attack speed, changes at how battle movement works (now you just spend MP if you actually move. Bumping wont spend MP) Also fix at multiple battles against mobs fusing battles; and some fix at the health-points progress during the late game (Battles were too long!) Fixing the beams skills too, and if someone is afk (Timeout a turn) you will be able to instantly run.
(Any more suggestions at battle fixes, Just post here!)

Somehow the listed change at Princes armor didnt upload at the last update, so we did some fix/changes at them, and hopefully more helms will be in!
Also for everyone that didn't understand/like the battle system, look at how it flows fast as the real time battle! Its almost the same thing, but with some strategy included to avoid "runners" like in DU (meh)

Underworld changes! When you die, first you will be at the limbo (A semi OOC zone, where your character will always forget after leaving it) where you can decide if you will die (go to mekai) or will survive with injuries (lose some status) or, play as a new char, in a new generation;
Once you are in the Mekai, you will see yourself at the Yomotsu, known as the entrace to the underworld (keep in mind mekai includes underworld + yomotsu + elisyus/heaven/olympo)
And once you are in underworld, there will be many maps/dungeons there, but since you are just a dead soul, you will be sent to the jails at Hades Castle, wich ends up being the very last level of underworld; to go back to yomotsu you would have to walk alot of dangers etc;
Its not possible to teleport away from Underworld, (unless you are hades/reapers through his portal). You must walk your way up to yomotsu, there people with Yeshua Key can rescue and maybe revive you.
Dead people now can use only 10% of their cosmo; unless they are reaper/dark guardian.

In the first versions the only map in underworld done will be hades castle, and as we update more maps will be done...

Subscription changes!

The subscription perks will be adjusted to the beta versions:
*Extra Races will be avaliable as a rare race now, to every player; However Subscription have 60%-90% chance on unlocking a race, while normal players have 6%. (Ofc there will be a recreating shield on the attempt to get rare)

*Lifetime Subscribers will be able to host their own private servers, and set everything as they desire (Rules, Prologue, Story), being head admins of it. (Keep in mind Game Staffs will also have admins in every servers)
Tired of the admins? Want to build your own team and make your own Azusa timeline? With your own prologue-story? Now you can :D

*Credits will be totally remade, the values will change, and I will make an actual shop to be used with credits, including chests with random item/relic, rare races unlock, certain relics, clothes etc.

*Extra perks in subscriptions will be added, Feel free to suggest!

We will have a black november pre-sale on subscriptions starting tomorrow, with a starting 60% off on lifetime, and untill december the lifetime price will be 50%!

*Month: from 10$ to 4$ (I don't suggest you to buy this at pre-sale.)
*Year: from 50$ to 20$
*Lifetime: from 100$ to 40$
(PS: Don't buy credits.)
(PS2: The update is being released at december)</3>
Looking good Inu :)
Amazing, Keep up the great work Inutaishos.
nice! keep up with the good work
In response to Solstice Entertainment
speaking of good work, hows your game coming along?
You never cease to impress :P
keep up with the good work
new gfx looks great.
And man, your character building screen is amazing.
*salutes* I hope that people will play it this time, since last time we did have big player base but it has failed for the lack of story and events.

If you need active admins to help ya, I will volounteer gladly.