BYOND Version:N/A (Website Bug)
Operating System:Windows 10 Pro
Web Browser:Chrome 54.0.2840.99
Applies to:Website
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
See: severedworldmmorpg?tab=index

The game's window size doesn't set correctly, so it cannot be played through the BYOND hub.
What's incorrect about it, exactly? It won't be the same size that it is on the regular /play page, because it's made to fit in that wide left column. infectonator-2 en/#t-w-c-H

It makes the game unplayable, since it only shows a portion of the window. It would be nice to be able to set the default window size, like you can do on all other HTML5/Flash websites when submitting a game.
I don't understand the relevance of those other links. They don't use the webclient. The webclient is its own thing.

If you're using zoom=1 for the map, then my suggestion would be to adjust the zoom to size-to-fit whenever the window isn't big enough to support that. There are currently no plans to change the size of the window used on the hub entry page, except that it does allow you to expand the window.

Pixel art + size-to-fit = straight poopy.
Yeah... That isn't an ideal solution I'm afraid. I posted those links since it shows how web games should be handled.