Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
Seems like some people were having troubles at dealing with their servers, so I will try to write a quick guide here; And later port it to the website:

First to have a hostable server you must have an authenticated one! And to authenticate a server you must be a lifetime subscriber!

So to authenticate a server:
*Download the latest BYOND beta if you don't have it (For those playing through the standalone client) :
*Go to Azusa hub: And download the ZIP files, Like this:

*Unzip the files somewhere; and you will see a .dmb and a .rsc file, as any other byond game.

*Right click the azusa.dmb and Open as; other program; and choose Dream Seeker. (Dont host it yet, otherwise your authentication can fail.)

*Now, your game will open, if you are a lifetime subscriber you will get to the normal login window; the loading time may be like 10 seconds, so just wait for it to open; Create your character normally.

*Now open your Admin Window, clicking the option wheel and Admin mode;
At your admin window find your Head Admin tab; and there make yourself Admin, Roleplay Master and Enforcer to have full control;

*Customize your server:
Use the "Rename Server" verb to set your server name, can be anything.
Use the "Set Gameplay" verb to set if the server will be PVP, Closed Test or Roleplay, also the server language; keep in mind we only have support to English and Brazilian because these have the quests translated; However you can make custom language by specifying it at the "Rename Server" verb, and selecting Other Language here;
Use the "Gains" verb in admin tab to define the server's gains speed;
Use the "Year" verb in roleplay master tab to define the server year;
Use the "Edit Story", "Edit Ranks", "Edit Common Knowledge", "Edit Rules" in roleplay master tab to define these settings;
Use the "WorldCaps" verb in the Admin tab to set the number of status when players will start decreasing their personal gains speed at;
Use the "WorldMaxReward" verb in the Admin tab to define the max. reward the roleplay masters will be able to give to good roleplayers or in events;

PVP features:
People can get Golden Armor from authomatic tournaments;
People do not lose status from dying and going through obstinacy gate. However they lose their items;
RP features:
This set the default gameplay, Golden Guardians must be given through ranks.
Closed Test features:
To log in a closed test server you must be invited; To invite someone type his key at the "Add Tester" verb, fount at staff (or Admin) tab;

*Once you customized your server, simply close the game and everything will save (if your game freezes here, just wait it to finish saving everything.)
And this is how your server folder, now with authenticated files will look like:

*Now Just zip everything and send it to your hoster, or, host it yourself!
Keep in mind you can only have 1 authenticated server running; if your hoster or someone sends your files to someone else, get in there and use the "Ban Server" verb fount in the Head Admin tab; If an staff member finds 2 server with the same authentication he will shut down both; and to get the right desired server back, you will have to talk directly with Inutaishos.

*To host, open the game with dream daemon, set the proper port and wait everything to load, if your port is fowarded you will get this green message and everything is ready for your players to join you


Updating your server

*whenever you find that your server is in an outdated version, (Looking at
the hub you will see the other servers versions, keep in mind private servers update only at .5 versions)

*If your server is outdated, download the zip file from the hub (same as the first screenshot in this guide.) And make sure to close your server; wait everything to save up before moving ahead:

*Then simply replace the .dmb and the .rsc files from the zip to your servers folder; and open it normally again. Make sure you aren't missing the right folder; and if you desire always keep a backup; Whenever the game finish loading you will be ready to go!


Its pretty simple actually, if you have any problems feel free to pager me or use Azusa's discord:
You're one of the best developers on this community and completely underrated. Keep doing what you're doing.
Your Discord invite expired, by the way. You can set it so that it doesn't expire.
Thanks Avid <3 Going to keep working hard ;D

PR; thanks for telling me lol, I am new at this... try now?
I can not host the game
You must be a lifetime subscriber to authenticate the server first; as the guide says; or get the files authenticated by someone with lifetime sub
Hey guys, if you have any questions about hosting, here is the discord link that won't expire. :)