i write a lot of music that doesn't appear in my games. it's all here if u want to hear it
Is "Duck Everlith" your rap moniker?
that was my facebook name when i was 15
In response to Yut Put
Yut Put wrote:
that was my facebook name when i was 15

I'm going to call you Yut Put Duck Butt from now on.
You've got yourself an album cover boii
After looking at Ter's picture, I sat here asking myself "Hmm, why don't ducks or other animals carry their young between their butt cheeks?"

And then I realized it's probably because when it's time for them to poop, things would get rather complicated. The duck would have to wiggle its butt around in an attempt to dislodge the baby duck, and in the event it couldn't get the baby duck out, it would eventually just be forced to shit onto the baby duck which is child abuse.

There's the issue of the baby duck having to poop as well. In that drawing, it appears as though the baby duck's butt is shoved up the mama duck's butt, meaning if baby duck ever decides to drop a bomb, it would go directly into mama duck's butthole. The only solution then would be to carry the duck headfirst ( or in this case, beak-first ) between your butt so the baby can defecate freely. But then, this too has its cons: I imagine the baby duck would rather not have to smell its mothers butt - especially for long periods of time. Probably not the best aroma to expose your child to. Yeah, basically there's no happy ending to this story.

So what I'm trying to say is, TIL why animals don't carry their children with their butt.