Land of Shinobi

by Wikked_Klwn420
Create your very own shinobi and learn a variety of techniques. Level up and become the strongest. Lead a village. The choice is yours.
Land of Shinobi Online

This is an original remake of land of shinobi online. Made by the original owner. The whole game is being reprogrammed from scratch.

It's currently in heavy development, I will be hosting on and off every now and then with consistent updates as much as I can.

The current state of the game is playable if you would like to give it a try!

This is a fangame based off the Naruto universe.
Hey I'm trying to get a version of this game back on its feet Squigs is currently hosting it the games called Naruto: Evolution come play!

- Hubbabubba/Khysarth Justin20990